A Record Number of Democrats are Retiring

The midterm elections are coming up and things are not looking good for the Democrats, to say the least.

Part of the reason is many longtime members of Congress are choosing this cycle to hang up the gloves. In fact, the highest amount of Democrats in three decades will be retiring this year.

No wonder Joe Biden and the DNC are pressuring Pelosi to run again even if she’s basically a wax mannequin. They need everyone they can get.

Record Number of Democrats Retiring

This year will see over 30 Democrats retire, with several more expected to possibly announce they’re leaving public life.

The last time we saw so many Democrats announcing retirement was in 1992 during the start of the Bill Clinton presidency.

At that time, 41 Democrats decided not to run again. The difference was they were at the apex of their power at the time, with Clinton in office and the left dominating.

Right now, the only thing the Democrats really have going for them is the presidency, and they’re set to lose most of their congressional power in a massive red wave in a few months.

It’s looking a lot like these Democrats don’t really want to bother with the humiliation; they’d rather hit the links and golf or enjoy their beachside mansions paid for by insider trading money.

Why This Matters

Obviously, new Democrats can rise up to run, instead of those who are retiring; the party wants to portray this as a new opportunity, instead of a loss.

However, the evidence is against this, and we can see it from what happened in 2018 when 34 GOP members of Congress decided to retire.

What happened was brutal. The GOP lost hugely and Democrats dominated the 2018 midterms, foreshadowing the coming loss of President Trump to Biden.

This time around, the tables are turned, and things are looking very bad for Biden and his crew. Between the Supreme Court’s stacked conservative members and the growing dissatisfaction with Democrat policies across the country, we’re all set for a huge loss by the left.

The Bottom Line

If the GOP can make sure that RINOs don’t run as America First and keep up the momentum, then this year’s midterms are likely to be a stunning victory.

As for the retiring Democrats, there would be a chance to turn this around if they had competence and vision. Yet, everything Biden does is turning into a terrible mess, and the enthusiasm for Democrats has collapsed across the country.

Overall, this is very good news for conservatives, and for patriots who love this country.

Think about it: the last time we saw this many leftists go out of business was when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.