A Republican Sweep is All The Country Needs

Last week, President Joe Biden utilized public funds to assert on TV that without unfettered Democratic rule for life, America is in danger.

There’s something amiss with this unfortunate man and all Democratic supporters who make this dictatorial, anti-democratic rationale for democracy.

Biden’s admonition that “you can’t cherish your nation only when you triumph” is a blistering critique of the Democrat Party’s actions after each and every presidential race they have lost this generation.

Election Deniers

Aspirants and influential speakers from both parties have questioned election results, which is detrimental. Biden’s reputation and approval are so low his foreboding message on Wednesday was simply a mellower echo of his Red Light Special talk from Sept.

No leader since George W. Bush has felt so tiny and pathetic.

Leftist media attempted to make this speech notable. Michael Beschloss took to MSNBC to connect Biden to Abraham Lincoln and FDR. He implied a civil war was imminent and a democratic campaign won by Republicans would be anti-democratic.

(Social media video snapshot shows Biden speaking at a tech company in Carlsbad, California)

It’s amazing how defenders of the democratic republic, who argue about the risks of election dissent, engage in it themselves and motivate others to do so when they see or assume an adverse election result.

In his cringeworthy TV performance, Beschloss said a GOP triumph would be like a comeback to the one-party Jim Crow South, full with modern-day white nationalists organizing violent behavior over the internet. He compared the party to the Hitler movement.

Every truly democratic campaign can have different outcomes. If you don’t trust the voters to choose the parties they like – election rejections, scandals, gaffes, and all — you don’t support democracy; therefore, how can you protect it?

Now Biden, Beschloss, as well as other panic-stricken partisans, are here. They’re just not self-aware.

What Really Matters

The Democrats’ emotional blackmail is endless. They say “vote for us or election results are out.”

How about this: Ignore the above Chicken Littles who believe in democracy because they just care about the Democratic establishment. Ignore those who say the nation is near civil war.

In addition, ignore people who stoke tension by calling everyone who dares to disagree with them a white supremacist or a Nazi. The election will decide many issues, but there won’t be more conflict than on a classic Tuesday.

In truth, voters won’t act on Jan. 6 show trials or Republican challenges to democracy. They won’t prosecute Democrats for their own wrongdoings against democratic principles, such as loading the Supreme Court and unlawfully conscripting media organizations to repress online free speech.

In reality, voters will decide if they’re better off now than in Jan 2021. Since Biden entered office, real earnings have fallen. Gas is $1.50 more. The market fell. Crime’s up.

Due to the inflation Biden caused with his American Rescue Plan, interest rates are too high for too many people to buy a home.

If voters choose based on these variables, they will uphold democratic institutions by choosing more capable politicians than Biden and the congressional Democrats who worked to sidetrack the post-COVID rehabilitation.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.