Actor Jon Voight Drops Hammer on ‘Disgraceful’ California Governor Newsom

Actor Jon Voight is a patriot and a conservative. He doesn’t go for any liberal mumbo-jumbo and he doesn’t give in to the peer pressure of his fellow Hollywood wokies.

While liberals have turned Voight into something of an outcast for his pro-American views, conservatives embraced him as a rare voice of normalcy in the wasteland of California.

As Voight said, however, California is going to the dogs under Governor Gavin Newsom. Voight also accused Newsom of sacrificing the state to the “devil.”

Why is Voight Angry at Newsom?

Voight is angry at Newsom because of outrageous laws Newsom is putting in place. For one thing, he’s made it so minors no longer need to inform their parents if they get an abortion or go to gender change surgery.

For another thing, Newsom recently signed into law a bill that force stores with kids toys to have a section that’s “gender neutral,” whatever the hell that means.

As Voight said, Newsom is a “disgrace” who is shredding our Constitution and intentionally confusing our kids about their identity and gender. Voight is absolutely correct. Newsom is a sick man who will do anything for power, including warping kids’ minds.

Newsom is almost as bad as Biden, but much craftier. He managed to defeat the recall election against him by sowing fear and collecting rewards from his rich donor friends.

While much of the state voted to boot him out, the large population coastal enclaves were seduced by Newsom’s virtue signaling about his progressive beliefs.

Newsom is ‘Weak’ and Opposes God

Voight went even further in the videos he recently posted, saying Newsom is against God and trying to twist our children into something they’re not. Newsom is pushing his extreme leftist beliefs on everyone else and harming their mental health.

While Voight said people should be free to be what they want, he pointed out legislating things like this is not about freedom; it’s about pushing a specific ideology and normalizing it.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, you do have to admit it’s a little bit strange for the governor of a state to care where and how a store sells toys to kids.

This is the opposite of freedom to force gender neutral toys and try to stop the instincts of little boys and girls to express their natural gender.

Voight Sounds the Alarm

This isn’t the first time Voight has warned about the left. He previously told America of the horror that awaited us under a Biden administration during the 2020 election.

It sounded a bit overdramatic at the time, but it turns out that, if anything, Voight was understating the case. Maybe we should take him seriously on this issue as well.