Actor Michael Rappaport Unleashes Epic Rant on Dr. Fauci

Actor Michael Rapaport is a big time anti-Trump liberal. He spent the Trump presidency slamming our POTUS and insulting conservatives all over the place. Now, he’s realizing that his big boy Joe Biden is not the solution that he and the leftists believed. 

In fact, Fauci and his vaccine have left Rappaport and millions of others completely confused and infuriated. Rappaport shared his thoughts on TikTok recently, where he went on an epic rant about the lies of Biden and Fauci. 

Rappaport Calls Out ‘Motherf—ers’ Fauci and Biden

Rappaport’s main point of anger is that he did what he was told and got the vaccine, but now he and millions of other vaccinated Americans are literally spreading COVID, despite being vaccinated. 

Rappaport is furious because he said he was told he’s a “hero” for getting vaccinated and now the “motherf—ers” Biden and Fauci are telling him that vaccinated people can be “superspreaders.”

In a profanity-laced tirade, Rappaport unleashed on Fauci and the Biden regime. He makes some good points; however, it’s hard to have much sympathy for the guy, since it’s the self-righteous lies of people like him who helped get Trump out of office. 

Do you really think we’d be in such a bad position if Trump were here? Even liberals who are honest with themselves know the answer to that question. 

Time to Mask Up Again

Rappaport is far from the only one who’s angry. The CDC put mask guidelines back in place and says that whether you have the vaccine or not, you should wear masks when you’re indoors. In other words: even if you did what they said and got the shot, they’re telling you that you’re still in danger and need to wear a mouth muffler everywhere you go. 

The main reason is the so-called Delta variant, which Fauci says is “more transmissable” than the primary “Alpha variant” we’ve been dealing with. In addition, the Delta variant infects vaccinated people and makes them much more infectious than the normal coronavirus turning them into walking COVID superspreaders. 

As Rappaport said it’s time for the Biden crew to “figure this s–t out” and he’s right. The Atypical star may be hard to sympathize with after his years of insulting and degrading conservatives and President Trump; still, he’s absolutely correct that the lies of Fauci and the Biden regime have become deafening. 

Now with talk of a third Pfizer booster shot, the scam just keeps getting stupider and stupider. All of our patience has run out and we’re angry.

Get the facts straight; admit what you know or don’t know and stop dragging society through your creepy Joseph Mengele medical experiment, Fauci! America is not – and will never be – a Faucist country!