Alec Baldwin is Being Sued for $25 Million

Alec Baldwin has been in the headlines for killing a producer on the set of his movie Rust last October. He’s currently under investigation as police search for clear answers about why he was given a loaded gun that went off.

Baldwin claims he never fired it and that the gun went off suddenly, killing Halyna Hutchins, but now Baldwin’s troubles just got even bigger. He is being hit by a $25 million lawsuit.

Why is Baldwin Being Sued?

Baldwin is being sued for $25 million because of an Instagram post he made several weeks ago.

This all relates back to the tragic attack on our troops at Kabul airport last summer. ISIS-K is accused of the attack, which took the lives of 13 of our bravest heroes, including USMC Lance Corporal Rylee McCollum.

McCollum’s widow, Jinnah Crayton, has a baby daughter and Baldwin wanted to help her in the task of raising her girl. Baldwin contacted McCollum’s sister Roice to arrange giving over the money and gifted her $5,000.

So far so good. Baldwin said he was glad to help out the families of our fallen heroes, and the McCollum family was doubtless happy for the support. Anyone who cares is a benefit to our fighting families, even a liberal Hollywood actor.

However, then something happened. Roice put up a photo of herself in Washington on January 6, 2021. She didn’t riot or commit any violence, but she did take part in the rally and protest on that day.

Baldwin found out about this and was furious, direct messaging her, and calling her a “rioter.”  Baldwin said he wouldn’t have given the money to her brother’s family if he knew McCollum’s sister was an “insurrectionist.”

Baldwin Goes Berserk on Sister of Dead Hero

Baldwin kept messaging Roice, saying she was responsible for wrecking “government property” and contributed to the death of a “police officer.” Roice was found innocent of any participation whatsoever in the riots, so this is a lie.

It’s also a lie that anyone killed a cop on January 6. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died several days after the events of an ongoing medical condition. The media’s lies to try to blame his death on rioters was a horrible example of fake news.

Yet, gun-hating Baldwin believes it all. He angrily reposted Roice’s photo from January 6, encouraging his followers to give her what she deserved.

At this point, things got bad. Roice and the McCollums say they got thousands of hateful messages and death threats, telling her she should “get raped,” and also saying her brother “deserved” to be killed in Afghanistan.

This was all because of Baldwin reposting her photo from January 6 and calling her an “insurrectionist.” This disgusting Hollywood freak actually falsely labeled a Gold Star sister an insurrectionist and encouraged his basement-dwelling fans to attack her family.

Time to Get Sued

Now, Baldwin is being sued for $25 million, saying his “negligent” and false comments about her being an insurrectionist caused harm to Roice and the McCollums.

As they note, Jinnah is trying to raise a daughter right now while grieving. The family is now scared of being murdered by liberal psychopaths, thanks to Baldwin (who later deleted the post).

All I can say is I wish he was being sued for more than $25 million.