All the Times Biden Lied in His Angry ‘Voting Rights’ Speech in Georgia

Joe Biden went down to Georgia on Tuesday to rant and rave about voting rights and call conservatives evil. His deranged speech is not something most people would be paying any attention to, and for good reason.

Biden’s Build Back Better mammoth spending bill is stuck; his agenda is about to be fully beaten back by a red wave of incoming Republicans in the upcoming midterms.

However, what Biden says still matters; his power to issue executive orders and cause trouble still remains considerable. He is the president, like it or not.

That’s why we need to take a look at the incredibly harmful and bizarre lies Biden told on Tuesday and what they mean for patriots.

What Did Biden Say?

Whether you’re a conservative, a liberal, a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, what Biden said should matter to you. His lies are the toxic foundation for burning up our Constitution and putting a stranglehold on the republic that will choke the life out of it.

If that sounds overly dramatic, it’s not.

During his Tuesday speech with inflation at the highest level in half a century, COVID ravaging across the country, and open borders disgorging waves of poor and criminal people into our country, Biden instead was focused on a fake fight against voter suppression.

According to this dangerous lame duck POTUS, President Trump is to blame for the current mess America is in. Meanwhile, “domestic enemies” include those who don’t want state elections run federally and do want people to show ID to vote.

Basically, if you want free and fair elections that won’t be stolen by Democrats, then you are a “domestic enemy,” according to Biden. Good to know, right?

Biden even went so far as to say people who want basic security around elections are similar to segregation leader George Wallace. So if you want fair elections, you also hate black people. Nice to be called a racist with no evidence, right?

This is dangerous, dangerous rhetoric and poison insanity from the left. We can’t let it go on without calling it out.

Who Was Biden Trying to Impress?

The Democrat base, including leading activists like Stacey Abrams, didn’t even show up to Biden’s speech. He basically started it with one hand tied behind his back; this could be part of the explanation for his rotten attitude and aggressive, angry statements.

Biden claimed he believes Abrams really had a mixup in her schedule and didn’t have time to come. Yeah, right.

In addition, he went on and on with lies about ways Republicans are supposedly trying to get black people not to vote and suppress and control districts. According to Biden, this includes the GOP wanting to make it illegal to hand out water to people waiting in line to vote.

Nonsense. It makes it illegal for campaigns to curry favor by giving gifts to people who are about to vote. That’s fairly basic election integrity stuff.

Would Biden want Team Trump handing out gold-plated pens to everyone voting in line at a Democrat-heavy district and swaying their vote? Come on now.