America First Conservative JD Vance Wins Senate Primary in Ohio

America First conservative JD Vance has won the Republican primary in Ohio to run for the party in the upcoming midterms.

Vance got a big boost from President Trump who spoke out in favor of him. He faced off against six opponents in the primary who fell far below his levels of support.

Vance previously opposed Trump when he ran in 2016, but warmed up to him later on. He eventually stated his support for the national populist and America First policies of our favorite president.

At only 37, Yale-educated Vance has served our nation in uniform, attended Yale, and will now have a solid shot at representing Ohio in the US Senate.

Vance’s Victory

Vance’s victory is a big deal.

For one thing, it gives a preview of what’s likely coming up in a few months with the midterms. It also shows the Trump bump is real and support from 45 still makes a big difference at the polls.

The mainstream media keeps telling us that the Trump phenomenon is over and the America First movement is a joke. Though real Americans know that it’s very much still going on and still real.

Vance beat out various other Republicans in Name Only and liberals, such as Josh Mandel.

After Trump endorsed him, Vance came under intensified attack from the liberal media, who tried to dig up old text messages where he insulted Trump and ruin his momentum. It didn’t work, and Vance won anyway.

Vance’s platform is fairly simple: put America First, bring back manufacturing to our country, stop the woke nonsense in our schools and government, and give power back to our people to have prosperous and peaceful families in a safe society.

Vance Slams Fake News

While speaking at his victory party, Vance said “fake news” was wrong about him and mocked their attempt to make him into an example of the failure of the America First message.

Instead, the America First message resonated loud and clear with Ohioans and people across the country.

Let’s also not forget the support given to Vance by Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, who both stood up for him as well.

Both Greene and Gaetz have been unfairly attacked by the fake news media on multiple occasions as well, so they know how it feels.

At this point, Vance will be facing off against Democrat Tim Ryan in the upcoming midterms.

They’re vying to replace Senator Rob Portman, who is stepping down after a long career of representing Ohio in the US Senate for the Republican Party.

The Bottom Line

Vance is the favorite to win this race in the midterm elections. Let’s throw all our support behind him. Go JD Vance!