America in Danger as China Mocks Joe Biden’s Weakness

Every day Joe Biden sits in the White House, this country slides further into danger from the menace of communist China. It’s not just due to Hunter Biden’s connections to China and Biden’s own history of being soft on the totalitarian state.

It’s Biden’s lack of leadership that’s the problem. His foreign policy has no clarity and he’s inviting aggression from China by provoking them without having any real power to back it up.

The latest example was from the CNN town hall, where Biden was asked about China. Here, Biden said he was afraid China’s about to commit a “serious mistake.” In other words, Biden was warning China to back off Taiwan.

Right Thing To Say, Wrong Leader to Say It

Biden also said America will back up Taiwan with military force if China invades, as per our alliance with them. This is the right thing to do. China needs to be clearly told its aggression in Taiwan and the South China Sea won’t be tolerated.

The problem with these comments is Biden said them. There is so little respect or fear of him in China that their foreign affairs department laughed off Biden’s comments. China said they won’t make any “concessions” to Biden or his government on Taiwan.

In other words, China dismissed what Biden said; they don’t respect him and they don’t believe he’ll actually follow through on any threats of exerting American military power against them.

Their representative, Wang Wenbin, even went so far as to say Taiwan is an “internal issue” that Biden and the US have no place to get involved in or comment about.

This is a very dangerous position to be in as Americans. One of the world’s most evil countries is now calling our bluff and our senile commander-in-chief is scrambling to respond.

China Threatens Biden

In addition to saying Biden and the US should back off on Taiwan, Wang commented if Biden keeps saying things like this, it will “seriously damage” future peace between the US and China.

I don’t speak Chinese, but that sounds a lot like a threat to me. The simple fact is China didn’t threaten President Trump. They knew he was a man of action and would obliterate them if they stepped too far. So, they walked carefully around Trump.

With Biden, they are treating us like a laughingstock. It’s unclear when China plans to invade Taiwan, but they’ve made it clear it’s part of their agenda and they’ve been sending a lot of jets through its airspace.

China’s reaction to Biden’s comments shows just how little fear and respect there is for Sleepy Joe on the world stage.

It’s tragic that this is where we are on foreign policy with Biden in charge.