America: Love it or Leave it

Happy Independence Day!

As we celebrate the privilege of living in the greatest country in human history, there’s something I want to talk about. 

It’s called appreciation and loyalty; some also call it patriotism. 

America’s Not Perfect

Listen, America’s not perfect. Nowhere is perfect. 

We have our struggles, and we have our past, but we are improving and moving forward. 

We have dealt with past injustices more fully than any other country that has ever existed. 

We have faced the horror of slavery and the injustice of racism with a simple and clear response: not here, and not ever again!

However, the imperfection of America doesn’t detract from our greatness. The sincere hearts of our people, their brotherhood, and friendliness are known all over the world. 

Our brave troops go where few others dare, fighting for freedom in places that most have given up on forever. 

We are a nation of the brave and we offer the opportunities, freedoms, and rights that 99% of the world – even places like Europe and Canada – can only dream about. 

Yet, now extremist left-wing politicians, corporations and technology companies want to take our freedom away. They want to paint patriots as dangerous, crazy and unhinged. 

Take one guess what these same conformist liberals called patriots who fought for freedom in 1776?

You got it: dangerous, crazy and unhinged. 

Facing the Threats Against Us

America has faced threats in the world, but now many of our threats also come from inside. They come from college students raised to hate this country. 

They come from radicals, brainwashed by false, anti-American ideologies. 

They come from establishment politicians who would rather rake in Communist Chinese money than build American jobs. 

These threats are no joke, and they are no mere political slogan. They are real, and they are all around us. 

On television and in films, we see liberalism pushed upon us; anti-American messaging and propaganda floods liberal culture. 

The best way to respond is to create our own communities, culture, and values. The solution is to boycott, protest, and push back against those who live in this country yet criticize and insult it. They are pathetic!

Love it or Leave it

Imagine living in a country that’s literally given you everything and then insulting and not appreciating it. 

You don’t have to imagine that, because for millions of liberals and leftists on our shores that is a reality. 

They insult this country, they deconstruct it; they make wild accusations against our country and they appreciate nothing of the opportunities, freedom and safety it’s given them. They talk about how bad this country is, how “racist” and how oppressive it is.

Is that right?

Our response should be simple: Adios!

If you don’t love it, then leave it. We won’t miss you..and don’t ever come back.