American Citizens Being Charged Huge Money for Evacuation from Afghanistan

There are up to 15,000 Americans still trapped in Afghanistan. This is a slow-motion hostage crisis on a national level that will haunt our country for years to come.

Everything should be getting done to get Americans out of Afghanistan and out of the reach of Taliban terrorists. Yet, the Pentagon is scrambling to even do anything; meanwhile, our forces only have basic control of the airport and several small areas.

American civilians are trapped behind enemy lines. Those who are outside Kabul have been told they are basically completely on their own and at the mercy of terrorists.

Now reports show that US government representatives working to rescue Americans are demanding $2,000 each for a flight out.

Money Talks

During a crisis and wars, money talks. Payment can make all the difference between you ending up somewhere in a ditch or safely aboard a plane and touching down home.

Those who try to extort people for money during a war are the lowest of the low. Unfortunately, they are very common. What we would all hope is that our own government wouldn’t become just as bad as human traffickers and criminals who try to profit off people’s misery.

These are US citizens for God’s sake. They are our people. To hear that State Department employees are hitting them up for money to get them out of a dangerous country is insane and treasonous. The Biden regime has truly created an atmosphere of corruption, hate and fear.

‘Reimbursable’ Rescue

The State Department isn’t denying reports that it’s charging citizens to get them out; they are saying it’s compliant with US law to do “reimbursable” rescue.

In other words, they say it’s legal for them to make people pay and that the “obstacles” that come up are being dealt with as they happen. Charging people to save their life from a US warzone is insane and un-American.

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney of New York has slammed the sleazy practice; she is putting forward a bill to make it illegal to charge any US citizen for an evacuation.

As she pointed out, Biden is to blame for how badly things have gone with the Afghan evacuation. How dare he now charge Americans for his mistake. This is exactly correct.

Mixed Messages

While some at the State Department are saying that people are being charged, others say it’s not the case. Other members of the State Department do deny the reports, so there is currently a clash between their responses.

The reports that you don’t need to pay are directly contradicted by reports that those who don’t pay $2,000 have their passports frozen and can’t renew them until they repay.

As we find out more details of what’s going on, let’s keep holding the Biden regime to account. Every single American must be rescued from Afghanistan.