American Journalist Killed in Ukraine

Brent Renaud is an American freelance journalist who’s done a lot of work in warzones and working with those affected by combat.

He was in the dangerous area west of the capital of Kiev, called Irpin, working on a story when Renaud was reportedly killed by Russian forces at a checkpoint.

Irpin had on ID as a reporter for the New York Times, but in classic NYT fashion, they denied he was working for them at the time and took no responsibility.

National security advisor Jake Sullivan said “consequences” will be coming for Russia as a result of the apparent intentional murder of Renaud.

How Did This Happen?

As much as the liberal media inside our country drives many of us crazy with its lies and silliness, there are many brave and honest members of the media, especially overseas.

They go to some of the most dangerous places on the planet and try to report what they’re seeing.

As we saw with the grisly murder of James Foley by ISIS in the summer of 2014, sometimes journalists pay a very high price for their work. This is especially true when they’re freelance and no agency has liability for their safety.

Sullivan said the Biden government will be talking to Ukraine about how to respond and “consequences” will be coming for Russia. It’s unclear what those consequences will be, other than more crushing sanctions.

According to Renaud’s surviving colleague, they were crossing a checkpoint at Irpin when Russian troops simply opened fire, striking Renaud in the neck and causing him to be evacuated for treatment. He didn’t make it.

This isn’t the first time Russia has intentionally fired on civilians; numerous videos have come out of them committing war crimes. This includes bombing a maternity hospital and a psychiatric facility.

The Reality on the Ground

The current reality on the ground in many areas of Ukraine is horrific. Civilians are not being allowed to leave their houses and are basically being used as bargaining chips by Putin’s army.

Cities like Irpin, Hostomel, and Zabucha in that area alone, as well as many other parts of Ukraine, have people stuck inside. In Mariupol, civilians trying to get out were fired on, killing an innocent family.

Renaud had reported from many areas of the world, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, with his brother Craig; they also made some compelling documentaries. His death is hitting friends and colleagues hard.

The Bottom Line

Russia’s recent hit on a training camp near the Polish border in Ukraine, as well as the murder of Renaud, have brought us much closer to all-out war.

As soon as Russia hits NATO territory, Article 5 is invoked for collective defense and we are at war. This is a very perilous time for our nation.