American Parents are Wrecking Biden’s Globalist Agenda

It’s hard to come up with many positives from this endless COVID pandemic. However, there are some silver linings in this cloud, and one of them is the increase that’s occurred in homeschooling.

Bizarre mask requirements for kids, forced vaccines, remote schooling, and more have increased the amount of families and community groups who are educating their kids in the way they see fit.

They’ve had enough of government mandates telling them what they have to do to teach the next generation. American parents have seen the face of globalism and they’ve said “hell no.”

Just Say No to the New World Order

The teachers union-infested public schools which want to push the LGBT agenda and leftist beliefs on our kids are having a hard time. One of the few benefits of the COVID pandemic is that public schooling has been hit hard and parents are pulling their kids out for good.

This is especially true of Christian families, who are realizing the woke gender ideology and pro-degeneracy teaching of public schools is completely against the Bible. Many parents have realized that “secular” education isn’t actually non-religious at all: it’s anti-religious. 

It infests kids’ minds with propaganda and Democrat messaging, then turns them into brainwashed liberals who vote for people like Joe Biden.

What Do the Numbers Say?

The numbers on homeschooling are incredible. More than 11% of US families are now homeschooling. That’s over one in ten kids who are no longer part of the public school propaganda factory.

Numerically, that means the past 18 months (since the pandemic started) have seen a jump of about 2.6 million children being homeschooled. Another 8.7 million have been taken out of public school and put into private schools, especially private Christian schools.

The overall rise in homeschooling during the pandemic is at 56%. That’s a huge amount. The Biden regime and their educational propaganda partners are definitely not happy about this.

It also goes across ethnic lines and black families are especially pulling their kids out, with 16.1% of black families with school age kids choosing to homeschool them.

The constant disrespect shown to traditional Christian black Americans by our elites could be one reason for that.

What States Have Seen the Biggest Jumps in Homeschooling?

The biggest increase in homeschooling during the pandemic happened in Alaska, which saw its rates go up from 9.5% homeschooled to 27.5% homeschooled.

The second place is Oklahoma, where homeschooling is now at 20%; Florida comes third at 18% and Vermont fourth at 16.9%. As we can see, the biggest rises are happening in libertarian and red states, although, places like Vermont are also growing.

Vermont may be leftist, but it also has a deep streak of independents and people who don’t love government intrusion in their lives. Let the homeschooling continue to grow. This is great news for America.