American Truckers are Going to Do a Freedom Convoy

Canadian truckers have inspired the world with a Freedom Convoy that went from the West of Canada to its capital city. They are still occupying the capital of Ottawa and sent liberal leader Justin Trudeau into hiding.

Officially, he has COVID. Unofficially, he’s a pretentious coward. Trudeau has put out statements since disappearing, saying truckers are white supremacists and transphobic haters.

Canadian provinces like Nova Scotia are also working fast to make these protests illegal.

However, freedom can’t be stopped so easily. Our American truckers are taking up the rallying cry, with a planned Freedom Convoy of their own from California to Washington, DC.

The American Freedom Convoy

The American Freedom Convoy is going to wind from California to DC with a strong message for Joe Biden against his COVID mandates and restrictions.

Its Facebook group already has over 130,000 people and there are a large group of patriots joining on in support.

The truckers say they want to have their voices heard and bring freedom back to America. If anyone can do it, they can.

With truckers required to prove they have a COVID vaccine before crossing into Canada, the protests are about much more than just hurt feelings. They are about the ability of Americans to remain free and run their business.

These COVID mandates are not just ticking off a few random truckers. They’ve angered the industry leaders, including the head of the American Trucking Association, who recently said vaccine mandates are hurting the flow of cross-border trade.

For his part, Trudeau put out a statement, thanking vaccinated truckers who are continuing to work, while insulting and defaming the truckers taking part in the protests and falsely calling them racist.

Freedom Convoy Organizer Speaks Out

One of the organizers of the American Freedom Convoy is Brian Von D. According to him, the protests are all about saying enough is enough!

They will be a loud message to Biden to let him know Americans had enough of his illegal mandates and rules; they won’t let the government control them.

As for the vaccines, he said they haven’t been proven to work well or be safe; so there is no reason people should be forced to take them.

Fellow organizer Brian Base said “constitutional freedoms” are on the line. Americans who care about their country need to stand up at this time.

It’s clear these patriots are serious about their plans for a Freedom Convoy and they are going to make it happen. They also promise to obey all laws, so Biden and his regime won’t have any excuse to start arresting and falsely accusing them.

As we saw with January 6, all it takes is a few violent people to feed right into the government narrative and give them a justification to seize even more power.

These protests need to be three things: peaceful, huge, and well-planned. So far, it’s looking like they will be all three.

Imagine This…

Truckers protesting in Ottawa, truckers protesting in DC, truckers protesting in Germany, France, and Italy. Imagine a future that’s free.

Because of the bravery of these patriots, that’s just what we might get.