America’s Best Hope in 2022

It’s been a hard year for this country with lots of challenges. We don’t currently have adults in charge in the White House, and our economy and border have serious issues.

When you add in the rise of communist China, the extremist left, Antifa, along with fascist COVID rules, you have a recipe for disaster.

However, there’s still hope for this country and here’s why…

It’s You…

America’s best hope for the coming year is you, the readers. The brave patriots from Colorado to California to Alabama and every other place in between.

You keep our publication going and you care more about the truth than being accepted and coddled by the liberal media. You see what’s happening in our blue cities as they get swept by murderers and leftists try to take guns away from law-abiding Americans.

You see our education system where anti-American ideas like critical race theory are pushed on our youngsters. You see Hollywood where toxic garbage that hates on Christianity and pushes perverted sexual ideas gets churned out every day.

You see our media lying every single day and supporting health authorities and leaders who’ve shut down our businesses and lied about COVID from day one.

You see it all and you’ve had enough…and you’re no longer listening to their lies. That’s why America’s biggest hope is you. 

Why There’s Still Hope

Liberals like the one in the post above are sad not everyone thinks masks magically stop a microscopic virus. They’re angry not everyone is brainwashed, but that’s exactly why you should be happy.

The truth is there are millions of patriotic Americans standing beside you who believe exactly like you do and hate to see what’s being done to this country. You’re not the only one.

The liberal media and politicians want to back you in a corner and make you feel alone, threatened, and insane…but you’re not.

You’re a patriot responding normally to horrible and idiotic globalists who have taken over positions of power and are now trying to run this country all the way into the ground.

Your reaction of disgust and anger against that doesn’t make you broken; it makes you one of those who still has a normal reaction to tyranny!

Hope on the Horizon…

Unborn babies may soon be protected by the fall of Roe v. Wade. Our Supreme Court is stronger than ever. Gun rights are doing well, despite leftist assaults.

We have patriots from sea to shining sea who are ready, willing, and able to stand up for the USA.

Have hope and never give up. You have a band of brothers and sisters who stand right beside you through these dark times; together, we’re all going to make it.