America’s Mental Health Crisis is Off the Charts – And Here’s Why…

Why is America so sad and anxious? It’s a question that’s worth asking, particularly as new data shows this country is in the grip of a very serious and deadly mental health epidemic.

Depression rates are skyrocketing and so are anxiety and those seeking professional help from therapists because their problems have become so serious.

There’s no doubt something very serious and very disturbing is going on. So, let’s look into why this is happening and what to do about it.

Depression is Skyrocketing

As I wrote, depression rates are skyrocketing.

A new study out of Columbia University found 10% of American adults said they suffered from depression in the past year in 2020. The rate went up even higher for young people, with 20% reporting having been seriously depressed within the past year.

America has the most advanced society in history, with healthcare, jobs, plentiful food, and more peace than many nations have enjoyed historically. That brings up the obvious question: why are people so deeply sad and disgusted with life?

Are we just experiencing a random chemical imbalance?

Of course not. The most obvious answer is staring us in the face: COVID. The pandemic and its constant fearmongering from our elites, along with the unnecessary and counterproductive lockdowns, were horrific events for mental health.

They took depression rates, which were already rising, and amplified them enormously. Staying inside day after day is not the recipe for feeling great. Being told, especially as a young person, that you must stop most social get-togethers is a very depressing piece of news.

The Crisis is Getting Worse

Studies show a steady rise in serious depression, growing by around 1% between 2005 to 2015. That’s 3.2 million more people suffering from depression in one decade.

As the pandemic occurred, these rates went up even more by almost 3% more, reaching close to 10% of the US adult population suffering from serious depression in 2020, or around 10 million more people.

Columbia Professor Renee Goodwin said the problem is “accelerating” and it’s clear not everyone is getting the help they need. When people are lonely, feeling left out of society, experiencing fractured social bonds and confusion about the future, what do you expect?

The liberal elites who pushed lockdowns, including the disastrous decision by President Trump to do so, helped create this awful surge in depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies that we’re now seeing.

The Worst Part

Among 18-to-25-year-olds, the study found 17 percent are suffering from severe depression.

This is a horrifying number. Right when young folks should be pumped up about starting out in life and achieving their dreams, they’re struggling to even motivate themselves to want to get up in the morning.

This country needs to change and not just politically. We need much more structure, meaning, and community in order to get out of this hole we’re currently in.