America’s Secret Weapon in the Conflict Against Communist China

Guam is an American territory located in the Pacific. It’s far away from almost everything, even though it played an important role in our fight against imperial Japan in World War II.

However, Guam is taking on new importance now for an entirely different reason. It’s quickly becoming an important piece of the puzzle in our struggle against the evil global ambitions of communist China.

Here’s why…

Why Does Guam Matter?

If you draw a triangle from Guam, you get to China and then far south to the Philippines. This island is strategic; its heavy jungles are the perfect place to send our warfighters.

It’s become a staging ground for our strategic defense against China. While the communist dictatorship builds up its Navy and military, we are embedding new forces in Guam and other locations to defend America.

The first US Marine base in more than half a century is currently under construction in Guam, as our troops get ready to start intensive training there. The official date that Camp Blaz will be opened is during the start of 2022.

China has been pumping money into its human ocean of soldiers, airmen, and sailors, as well as building up massive infrastructure and equipment. Their behavior in Taiwan alone should alarm any observer.

Tensions with China aren’t going anywhere, and neither are our brave military men and women.

All Part of the Plan

Military defensive strategy is key if you want to stop bad countries from doing bad things. Guam is a crucial part of that puzzle; so are Australia and the Philippines.

America’s global posture still matters; even with Joe Biden slouching his way around the White House, we need to make sure we aren’t caught off guard.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin needs to start focusing more on Guam and other aspects like this, instead of “white supremacy” and forcing people to get the COVID vaccine. The Indo-Pacific area matters a lot for our ability to counterbalance China and other adversaries.

Taiwan and other allies, like South Korea, cannot be left alone and undefended as China gets closer to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, and other countries which do not have our best interests at heart.

With its hypersonic missiles developing by the day, China is a nation we must take seriously if we want to maintain the American way.

We Need To Be Ready

Hopefully, the troops in Guam and our infrastructure elsewhere never need to be put into active combat. However, we need to be prepared for the possibility that they will.

China is ready and they’re not playing games. Locations like Guam are crucial to our own military readiness as we face down enemies who threaten our way of life.