An Easter Miracle From California

The town of Clearlake, California is a small community located about an hour and a half’s drive northwest of Sacramento.

Three years ago, a young man of only 17 called Connerjack Oswalt left his family’s house and walked away while his mom Suzanne was making quesadillas. They never saw him again.

Oswalt, who suffers from autism, was presumed dead; his family feared for the worst ever since he left in September of 2019.

Now, an Easter miracle has occurred.

Oswalt Found Alive in Utah

Oswalt’s parents, Gerald and Suzanne, never gave up on finding him. They kept looking to find out where he was. They even moved back to where he’d grown up in Idaho Falls, hoping Oswalt might somehow make his way back there.

Suffering from autism made some things difficult for Oswalt to understand; they weren’t sure where their son was, but they prayed for the best.

Recently, they got the best news imaginable when a missing person found in Utah huddled at a gas station turned out to be their son.

According to reports, Oswalt was not doing well and had been living on the streets for at least a few weeks when he was found.

Suzanne and Gerald’s efforts had finally paid off after years of giving out pamphlets about him and running to check any lead they could find.

The family drove four hours in an emotional mess as they went to pick up their prodigal son who had wandered so far from the family home.

Oswalt’s father Gerald said the whole process has been a “real nightmare,” but they are so overjoyed to have their son, now 19, back with the family.

Years of Being Gone

It’s really unclear what Oswalt was actually doing for two years and how he survived.

His family enlisted all the help they could get from missing kids’ foundations, police, and community organizations, but they couldn’t find him until now.

Police say the exact details of where Oswalt was and what happened are still being investigated.

It turns out that police in Summit County, Utah crossed paths with Oswalt a few times and offered to help him out. However, he said he didn’t need anything. He eventually got very cold and agreed to warm up in one of their cars.

While Oswalt was getting warm, cops started looking through reports of missing kids and found his listing from Clearview in 2019.

When Gerald and Suzanne picked up the phone from the police they thought for sure Oswalt passed away and were bracing for the worst.

Though, it turns out that it was the best news imaginable: their son was alive!

The Bottom Line

We must never forget the good things and miracles that happen every day.

Oswalt’s family’s love is an inspiration to us all. Here’s wishing them a blessed Easter.