Another Groundless Democratic Conspiracy Goes up in Flames

US Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi visit Dharamsala - May 9-10, 2017 by U.S. Embassy New Delhi is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Democrats and progressives love to talk about how crazy some conservatives are for believing conspiracies.

When you consider that most liberals think religion itself is a silly conspiracy it’s obvious that their criticisms should not be taken seriously in the slightest.

But there’s also another reason you can safely ignore the constant panic over QAnon and right-wing conspiracy believers.

The real conspiracy fanatics are on the left.

But unlike the right, whose conspiracy icons like Alex Jones have been banned and widely criticized in the mainstream press, the left’s conspiracies are spouted every night on mainstream media and even made into laws and part of government policy.

The right likes to talk about conspiracies sometimes or get worked up; the left likes to literally try to use conspiracies to silence critics, arrest people and change the Constitution.

Now the latest insane left-wing conspiracy theory has gone up in smoke, thanks to some honest investigating by the FBI.

DSC_4600 by bhrome is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Democrats Get it Wrong Again

If the Democrats were in the private sector their party would have been bankrupt long ago. They are wrong about so many issues and important policies that the only way they’ve been able to survive is by installing presidents to feed the debt machine more money and keep their plantation open.

The latest Democrat conspiracy that Republican members of congress “assisted” the Jan. 6 MAGA rioters with reconnaissance on how to enter the Capitol building has now been concluded to be bogus nonsense.

The conclusion comes from the FBI, who recently wrapped up an investigation looking into whether members like Rep. Lauren Boebert had helped people look around the Capitol to get some advance knowledge about how to break into it.

People like Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen had groundlessly accused GOP Reps. like Boebert of being insurrectionist traitors who helped violent rioters get advance knowledge about how to break into the government building, but it now turns out these were unfounded (and wildly irresponsible and defamatory) accusations.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also got in on the libel, never one to let a good conspiracy go to waste.

“In order to serve here together, we must trust that people have respect for their oath of office, respect for this institution. If in fact it is found that members of Congress were accomplices to this insurrection — if they aided and abetted the crimes — there may have to be action taken beyond the Congress in terms of prosecution for that,” Pelosi said (outrageously).

How Did the FBI Reach Their Conclusion?

The FBI did a serious investigation of the allegations, subpoenaing phone and personal records of members of Congress and looking into their emails, phone calls, texts and more to see what they’d been up to. It turned out they’d been up to doing their jobs and living their lives, not helping people try to “overthrow” the government.

What a surprise.

Sorry, Nancy.

We don’t have collaboration with the Proud Boys, secret insurrection deals or anything else. The Republicans weren’t trying to secretly overthrow the government. They were encouraging Trump supporters to voice their views loudly in the public square as they are 100% permitted to under that little thing you may have heard of called the US Constitution.

Whether it’s the Russiagate hoax, the idea that Trump praised white supremacists (false) or many other conspiracies and lies the Democrats have promoted over the years, this FBI exposure of their latest lie is revealing.

It reveals the American left for what it truly is: a paper tiger. They have talk show hosts and TV shows in New York City and Los Angeles and politicians from the coasts, but the vast bulk of real Americans are sick and done with their lies, mismanagement and left-wing conspiracies. Let’s get back to basics and start treating the Democrats like what they really are: power-hungry, dangerous fanatics trying to inflate their own sense of importance and deceive the rest of us into going along with their unpopular and radical agenda.