Another Invasion of America is Underway by a Massive ‘Migrant Caravan’

From the first day he got into office, Biden worked to open up our southern border. He undid all the positive progress which had been made under President Trump and helped grease the wheels for an invasion of America.

In the past year, an estimated 1.7 million illegal immigrants have been caught at our southern border, with many disappearing into America with no court dates.

Now, Republicans are demanding the Biden regime respond to the crisis. The reason it’s coming up especially now is another massive “migrant caravan” is headed for our border.

This cannot become our new normal.

The GOP Demands Biden Take Action

The letter signed by around 100 GOP members of Congress is asking the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) what it will do about the approaching migrant caravan. DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas has shown no will to take action on illegal activities.

He’s a stuffed suit diversity hire who is useless at protecting our nation. This letter was sent by Congresswoman Elise Stefanik of New York and Senator Ted Cruz.

This migrant caravan is not some passing issue; the people forcefully got past hundreds of Mexican cops in late October and seem prepared to use force. The surge in illegal immigration isn’t random, as the letter explains.

It’s due to the lack of action by the Democrats and the Biden regime. It’s clear the Democrats want to flood the country with a new class of dependent illegals and then give amnesty and have an army of new voters.

The reason is simple. Every day, more and more real Americans abandon the Democrats and their lies. Democrats need to replace Americans with new people who are desperate enough to do whatever they tell them.

It’s sick, racist, and horrific; it’s the modern left.

More Details About This Caravan

The current caravan is a huge march of illegals. It around 4,000 Central Americans who desperately want to get into the US. It includes 1,000 small kids, who are used as human shields to gain sympathy and force their way through the border.

In addition to suspected cases of COVID, the caravan already had people who caught dengue fever and are sick with other illnesses.

As we saw in Del Rio (when thousands of Haitians flooded the border), the DHS isn’t willing to actually stop illegal immigration. They let the vast majority of people enter without properly dealing with how their status will later be assessed.

Cruz Tells the Truth

As Cruz said, Biden and Harris created a “man-made” situation at the border. It didn’t have to be this way! However, the senile man in the White House is controlled by globalists and letting our country be overrun.

We need President Trump back or at least real conservatives and patriots like Greg Abbott or Ron DeSantis.