Anti-Christian Far Left Savagely Attacks Christian Actor Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is a Hollywood actor who’s Christian and loves America. Those two facts have made him public enemy number one for the leftist termites who infest our nation and entertainment industry.

Despite his excellent films and constantly positive attitude, Pratt has been targeted various times as far-left liberals try to get him banned from being in more movies. They relentlessly bully him online and want him to disappear.

The fact of the matter is Pratt is happy and he has a great life…and the left just plain can’t stand it. His latest post about being happy and in love drove them over the edge into actual insanity.

You won’t believe what the leftists did this time.

Pratt Gets Savagely Attacked

After posting online about being happy with his new wife and being a Bible-believing Christian, Pratt got savagely insulted by leftists who accused him of all sorts of horrible things.

What Pratt posted was simple. The Minnesota-born actor posted a message about how much he loves his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, whom he met in church. As Pratt said, Schwarzenegger and himself have an “amazing life” and a wonderful daughter.

In addition, Schwarzenegger has a “pure” heart and is fully committed to him, Pratt stated. He expressed his love for her and said he wants all the best for her.

This all seems pretty nice, doesn’t it? What is there to get angry about for God’s sake? Well…as you can imagine, the left found plenty to hate.

The Left Goes After Pratt

Pratt’s post was insulted by numerous leftist individuals online who said he’s an idiotic, Christian bigot. This was boosted by leftist journalists, who accused him of insulting his other son from his first wife, Anna Faris.

His son, Jack, was a premature baby. Therefore, people claim Pratt was taking a dig at Faris for giving birth prematurely and giving him a son who wasn’t “healthy,” unlike his daughter.

If they actually read the post Pratt wrote, they would see their paranoia is unhinged and creepy. He was just saying he loves his wife and daughter. He also loves his son Jack. It’s really not that complicated.

Yet, as usual for the left, they need to turn everything into an awful controversy and hate-fest.

The Left Wants Pratt Gone

It doesn’t matter what Pratt posts or even if he stops. The left wants him gone. Other than Clint Eastwood and a couple of other relics, Hollywood demands everybody kneel to the woke religion.

Pratt loves Jesus, America, and traditional marriage. That makes him an enemy in their eyes, but even more, it sparks their intense jealousy. Here is a man who’s living life the way it’s meant to be and who’s happy with it.

What worse crime could there be for the woke mob?