Anti-Police New York Teacher Crosses the Line

New York is in the middle of an awful crime wave, as many blue cities across America are. This spate of violence recently took the life of 22-year-old NYPD officer Jason Rivera, who was killed after being ambushed while responding to a crime.

Rivera’s tragic death was marked on Friday with a large funeral procession through the city. Officer ssaluted as the young officer’s casket drove by. It was a sad day, and a time to remember the human toll that soft-on-crime policies have.

However, the gathering of police and first responders didn’t leave everyone in a reflective and mournful mood. One liberal Brooklyn teacher went online to say someone should drive through the funeral and mow down the participating officers.

Woke Math Teacher Tries to Get Cops Killed

The teacher who put his desire for a funeral massacre on his Instagram account is a mathematics teacher called Chris Flanagan. This liberal teacher works at a school for the rich called the Coney Island Prep School in Brooklyn.

Flanagan wrote the large funeral parade was “ideal” for payback on the police brutality done by the NYPD. Flanagan was talking about May 2020 when one NYPD officer drove back into a group of Brooklyn folks protesting George Floyd’s death.

Nobody was hurt in the May 2020 incident. His message was obvious; he wanted a parade massacre to happen as the officers gathered to salute their fallen comrade.

Like so many other upper-income leftists, Flanagan thinks a safe society is just something we’re all entitled to that comes magically. He likes to feel good about himself by supporting BLM and calling cops racist.

However, if someone is trying to hurt him, he’ll be the first to flail his pencil neck around and dial the cops right away.

In other words, Flanagan is a weak hypocrite with no appreciation for the men and women who are stopping New York from becoming hell on earth.

The Bottom Line

Flanagan isn’t just some random guy; he’s a teacher at an elite New York prep school who is responsible for teaching the future elites about what’s true and untrue.

According to reviews of Coney Island Prep charter school where Flanagan teaches, it’s not the best place for kids, either. A one-star review from several years ago calls the school “socially horrible” and says it’s a lonely and awful place for kids.

Another review from years before says the school is “honestly horrible” and the teachers treat students disrespectfully and say awful things.

It sounds like Flanagan is where he belongs, but that doesn’t give him the right to incite murder against our men and women in blue.

He needs to be barred from teaching and sent on a volunteer project as part of New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ Blueprint to Stop Gun Violence.

Maybe once he’s in the city’s most violent neighborhoods, Flanagan will realize police are sometimes the last line of defense between you and getting murdered.