Antifa Extremists Barge into Pro-Life Gathering in Texas

It’s no secret the political left in America hates unborn life. They have built the modern Democrat Party on the right to “terminate” the lives of unborn babies and passionately support access to abortion.

There are many terms the left uses for abortion, including “reproductive healthcare” and “reproductive justice,” but the end result is the same: a dead baby.

This has nothing to do with respecting women, and everything to do with the progressive hate of human life, human dignity and human freedom.

The latest proof of this comes out of Denton, Texas, where university students were trying to hold a respectful pro-life gathering. Then, Antifa came and ruined it all.

‘F*** Your God!’

The students at the University of North Texas in Denton were trying to hold a prayer rally to stand for unborn life. They were respectfully exercising their religious and basic rights as Americans.

A swarm of disgusting Antifa who’d heard about the vigil arrived soon after it began. They started shouting “f*** your God!” and aggressively interrupting the service.

The activists chanted back “Christ is King,” which is an appropriate and love-filled response when met with this kind of hate.

As the head organizer of the prayer rally said, Antifa was “throwing” objects at them and yelling all sorts of hateful slogans. They also had various objects to make noise, play over, and ruin the prayers and comments of pro-life students.

If you want any clearer picture of who Antifa really are at heart and what their movement is all about, look at these privileged basement freaks celebrate baby murder on Monday in Denton. These are not human beings; they are demons.

It Gets Worse

Among the horrible actions of Antifa, they went up and started shoving pro-life people, trying to start a fight. They also encouraged the pro-life students to commit suicide and swarmed them in huge numbers, calling them “fascists” and “white nationalists.”

Are these Antifa idiots even aware that abortion disproportionately affects the black community? Do they even care?

Texas recently put in pro-life laws to protect any unborn baby who has a fetal heartbeat, and that seems to be especially what set these Antifa terrorists off.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott should make a statement about how hate has no place in his state. He should also put in place legislation against Antifa like Ron DeSantis has in Florida.

UNT Responds

For it’s part, UNT responded exactly the way weak-willed institutions always do these days. They said Antifa extremists were just an “opposing view” and there was no “incident” after the clash.

The incident was the interruption of a prayer rally by horrible extremists shouting offensive things about their religion and threatening their lives, UNT. Try to get a grip.