AOC and Her Gang of Far Leftists Threaten Violence If They Don’t Get Their Way

Whenever the left is cornered, they start pulling every trick in the book so long as it’ll keep them in power.

Usually, this involves threatening violence and organizing numerous smear campaigns against whomever it is that caused their plans to be foiled.

Peaceful, until provoked

Essentially, they’ve turned what was once democracy into a mob rule. Figures like AOC are a testament to just how far down the Democrat Party has sunk.

Of course, she’s not alone. Her squad of woke libs made sure to resonate her baseless threats, claiming if the imposed budget cuts were to be agreed upon, the streets would be filled with chaos.

Despite there being clear evidence that Democrats are the violent, unhinged, and corrupt ones in the US political system, Biden and his lackeys have called every Republican a threat to America, which was clearly going too far.

After the 2020 George Floyd riots, one would assume Democrats had their fun and wouldn’t repeat an entire summer of senseless violence once more, but as expected, they never fail to deliver.

Even after calling the entirety of the GOP a bunch of traitors, white supremacists, and just about everything one could imagine, the “peaceful” left is now resorting to violence, the thing they know best.

Ripped right from the Democrats’ playbook

In fact, the only reason Democrats are still so obsessed with the events that transpired on January 6th is it was the first time the GOP showed them that two can play that game.

While invading the Capitol building is wrong in and of itself, it showed Democrats that we aren’t willing to bow our heads to them. We did it with the most common strategy from their own playbook.

However, when they do it, it’s labeled as democracy in action; whereas Republicans doing the same thing warrants those committing the act to be locked up for years in solitary confinement.

This time, however, the riots won’t be coming over a case of what they claimed to be police brutality, but rather some minor spending cuts that are bound to impact how easily Democrats will be lining their own pockets with taxpayer money.

The cuts were only created as a failsafe that would prevent our economy from collapsing in on itself. This is one of the biggest threats at the time, seeing as Biden isn’t stopping with the overspending.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.