AOC Just Exposed How Clueless She is About America

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is a natural born Democrat.

The socialist show pony from New York who represents a younger, more ethnically diverse face for the faded, corporate Democrat party, is false at her core.

The lies she’s been caught in are piling up:

Lying about Trump being to blame for not giving enough funds to fix her grandmother’s house in Puerto Rico.

Ranting about Whole Foods and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Tesla owner Elon Musk, then parking her Tesla illegally to run in and grab some food at the DC Whole Foods.

This woman is a head case, but she also has a massive following who actually believe the nonsense she spouts, and that makes her dangerous. 

Her most recent comments show just how out of touch and clueless AOC truly is. 

AOC Calls Growing Fear Over Crime Wave Silly ‘Hysteria’

This arrogant former bartender who now lives in a luxury DC property, recently mocked people who are worried about the huge crime wave that’s been sweeping the country. 

According to AOC, these people are just gripped by “hysteria” and even though crime is “unacceptable,” the actual amount of crime is nothing to worry about. 

Are you joking me?

Murder rates went up 25% last year! LA shootings jumped up by 36% in 2020 and New York – where AOC is from – went up 50%!

Is that “hysteria?”

AOC says too many people are in jail and should be let out, and that “public health issues” are the real reason for crime. 

This woman is ridiculous. 

AOC’s Solution to Violent Crime

Insanely and hilariously, AOC actually said that the answer to violent crime and the high amount of people in jails is to “stop building more of them.”

Yes, she seriously said that. 

What does she want instead?

More hospitals, stronger work unions, better mental health services, more jobs and so on. 

AOC also is partnering with fellow lunatic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to do a project termed “Stand Up to Violence,” where they’re funding $400,000 to stop gun violence through getting people therapists. 


I thought that AOC worked in a New York bar…

It’s hard to believe, though; she sounds about as naive as a woke university undergrad going on about Karl Marx or social justice. 

Imagine that she’s a sitting US congresswoman, she believes this nonsense, and has the power to legislate!

Enough is Enough

People like AOC need to be laughed out of the room. They aren’t serious and they aren’t adults. 

Their views have no place in a great republic such as ours, because they are stupider than the average random comment under a YouTube video. 

It’s time start protesting outside AOC’s DC apartment and give her counselling about it if she starts to get upset. 

By the way, should we still defund the police, AOC?

What if somebody comes and tries to steal your Tesla?