Apple Crosses the Line Into Full Woke Insanity

Apple corporation is one of the most left-wing companies in the world. It uses Chinese slave labor from the Uyghurs, while supporting censorship and surveillance of its users in America.

Apple walks hand-in-hand with the far left and Democrat Party. It also makes up a key part of the Big Tech nightmare that’s currently strangling American freedom and free speech.

Their latest development, however, has even pro-Apple folks shaking their heads in confusion and disgust.

The new iPhone update 15.4 will have a number of features that are so strange and creepy they have many questioning whether to continue using an iPhone. Here’s what’s going on…

Apple Goes Full Big Brother Woke

Apple’s new iPhone update includes facial recognition upgrades that make it so your phone can recognize your face no matter what. Even if you wear a mask, it knows who is who within seconds.

The obvious reasoning is under COVID mask mandates, those who use facial recognition to open their phones need to have it know who they are, even when masked up.

The creepier interpretation is to look at the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, where China’s communist regime was outraged by protesters wearing masks that evaded facial recognition.

Well, Apple just stepped in and helped them out. In addition, the new update includes emojis that are absolutely insane, including a pregnant man emoji.

The left claims to believe in science and constantly berates those who don’t agree with their mandates, vaccines, and ideas. Yet, they are convinced that men can become pregnant.

Here is a news update: men cannot become pregnant and men have never been able to get pregnant.

Apple Issues New Guidelines

According to Apple, it’s important to represent everyone, including men who are pregnant. In other words, transgender women who consider themselves men and have a baby, or men who use an artificial womb of some kind?

The emoji simply shows a regular man cartoon character with a large belly. Some are joking it could be used to show a man with a large beer belly, but apart from the initial shock, this is really no laughing matter.

Apple is part of the globalist plan to erase and confuse gender as they pack us all into a giant, shapeless slave humanity to be ruled by their AI systems. It’s sick and it’s obvious to anyone who’s paying attention by now.

Apple’s beliefs and attempts to create a genderless pregnant person and a pregnant man emoji are just one more way to push an extremist agenda on unsuspecting people.

This is obviously especially aimed at young people, who are more impressionable and sensitive about the idea they are excluding or bullying someone by denying their “identity.”