Arizona Gov. Criticizes Kari Lake, Lauds 2024 Choices

During a TV interview on Sunday, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey criticized Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake over her allegations of voter fraud in 2020.

However, Ducey refused to say whether or not he would back erstwhile President Donald Trump in 2024. 

The Missing Endorsement

When asked by Dana Bash on CNN’s State of the Union if the association of Republican Governors- which Ducey happened to be a co-chairman, would endorse Lake in an election, Ducey evaded the inquiry.

Ducey is term-limited and supported Karrin Taylor Robson in the primary race for governor. 

According to Ducey, Kari Lake is deceiving voters with no facts to back up her claims.

That she has been given the label “Fake Lake” by her rivals, which appears to be sticking, is actually doing a little damage to her reputation at this point in time. 

Ducey did not have an answer when directly questioned as to if the Republican Governors Association would endorse Lake, should she clinch nomination, or Pennsylvania’s Doug Mastriano, who claimed massive voter fraud in the last general election. 

According to Ducey, November 8 is still a very long way off.

Therefore, they are going to look at this map. They are going to examine the resources they have available. They have no idea what the months of September and October have in store for them.

They are uncertain about who will succeed Charlie Baker as governor of Massachusetts, Larry Hogan as governor of Maryland, or Glenn Youngkin as governor of Virginia. 

When Governor Ducey was asked whether he would support President Trump in 2024 if he ran for office, Ducey responded there would be “options” for the upcoming election. 

2022 and 2024

Ducey stated he believes people will have options to choose from in the primary race in 2024.

He is optimistic and looking for a candidate who has a good chance of winning the general election. Ducey is of the opinion that if the Republican Party is successful in 2022, then the general election is theirs to win. 

Ducey also advocated for a bill he recently signed into law.

This law expands students’ access to a wider variety of educational opportunities by providing them with more than $6,000 per year to cover educational-related costs, such as the cost of private school tuition. 

According to Ducey, the purpose of public education is to educate the general population. Additionally, he is a supporter of equitable opportunities for all families.

The Republican governor also noted he truly believes this is the way to revitalize the American school curriculum, renew America, and have an education in which you are learning things of value.

This includes mathematics, reading, sciences, American civics, and moral strength. Already in the lead, Arizona is the state with the most options available for schools to choose from.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.