Arizona Governor in the Hot Seat For Alleged Ties to Vicious Mexican Cartel

Katie Hobbs is currently serving as the Democratic governor of Arizona. Hobbs won out in a contested race over Kari Lake and laughed while taking the oath of office on the Constitution.

Now intense controversy is coming up, with #ArrestKatieHobbs trending on Twitter. Serious accusations have been leveled against Hobbs regarding ties to the vicious Sinaloa drug cartel.

What Are the Specific Accusations?

Specifically, a forensic investigation by investigator Jacqueline Breger has uncovered what she says is evidence of Hobbs being paid off by Sinaloa.

An emergency meeting was held late last week to hear Breger’s report, which ties various Democratic politicians to payoffs from Sinaloa.

Sinaloa, which traffics drugs, sex slaves, and weapons, is one of the largest criminal organizations in the world. It works with anyone who can advance their power, including ISIS and others.

Breger, on behalf of Thaler Law Corporation, is on a long investigation of corruption at the state level in various states. Breger found disturbing lists linked to Sinaloa that contained what appeared to be Hobbs’ name.

Hobbs is already hated by many supporters of Kari Lake and America First Republicans. So it’s important to keep in mind that these remain only accusations for the time being and have not been proven in a court of law.

Breger’s Big Claim

Breger’s specific claim is she found out about the Arizona corruption after looking into a US Attorney’s Office’s investigation of drug cartel money laundering in the midwest.

The investigation, done in 2006, looked at how money was laundered by home buying and real estate agents being paid off by cartels to wash their money through sales. By a few years later, various agents were in jail for the scheme.

In 2014, Thaler Law Corporation and Breger took a look at whether any of this cartel real estate laundering had hit Arizona and found there were several purchases.

Digging further, Thaler himself found various trust deeds showing racketeering on behalf of Sinaloa and over 10,000 fake documents for the purpose of washing narcoterrorist money.

Further investigation then led down a very disturbing path.

What They Found Next

According to Breger, after uncovering the corruption in Arizona, much of the laundered money traveled via Midwest properties back to Arizona where some was used to buy off elected officials.

This has been going on for almost two decades, according to records, and has been especially intense in Maricopa and Pima counties. Many in the state, including judges, state senators, state congresspeople, and various prosecutors have allegedly been paid off.

Hobbs is listed in the report as having faked deeds to help wash money and get a kickback, along with numerous other Democrats in the state, including Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma and Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

The Bottom Line

It’s time for a full investigation immediately, not only of Hobbs but of all politicians touched by this corrupt sickness.

Even if this turns out to be untrue, an investigation into the wider real estate corruption and cartel influence needs to be undertaken with full power.