As Inflation Continues Surging, the Biden Regime is About to Make It Even Worse

Inflation is at record levels; gas prices are so high many families are trying to adjust their holiday plans for Thanksgiving.

Since taking power at the beginning of this year, Joe Biden has managed to sink this country into an awful situation in almost every way.

Our southern border is being invaded by illegal immigrants; our troops were shamed in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, businesses are being killed by COVID mandates and our energy sector is getting destroyed.

As Biden gets us hooked back on foreign oil from enemies who hate us, he’s full of excuses, but no solutions.

How Bad is It Really?

Numbers don’t lie: since Biden came into office earlier this year, gas prices have gone up by around 100%. In other words, gas is about twice as expensive now than it was when Biden took office.

It crept up slowly at first when Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline and shut down leases on federal land. Yet, it’s continued to grow as Biden destroys our economy with his God-awful policies.

Biden and Kamala Harris answer to their globalist puppetmasters who want them to “transition” the US into a green economy.

The Green New Deal ideology is very simple: it’s communism with an environmental paint job. In other words, it’s a way for them to seize total power and reshape the economy, while pretending it’s all being done to help the environment.

It’s all about power, all of it. Also, the Democrats and their leftist allies want all the power all the time over you, your life, your decisions, and even the information that’s available to you (thanks, big tech).

The End of the Charade

Biden and his buddies aren’t even bothering to pretend to care anymore. While they jet around in their private aircraft to climate conferences and whine about President Trump, they are oblivious to the problems of regular Americans.

The Democrats are handing out tax cuts for their donors and enjoying their obsession with being in power.

However, the party can’t last forever. With the strongest preference for Republican candidates since 1981, the 2022 midterms are going to wipe the smirk right off the Democrats’ faces.

You can’t destroy a nation’s economy and laugh about it with no consequences. People are not stupid like Biden thinks they are.

They fully realize Biden and his cronies are pursuing some kind of twisted plan to force our economy into a new leftist system…and nobody is interested anymore.

The Bottom Line

Inflation is going to get even worse. Gas prices may continue to climb even higher before the end of the year. That’s because there is no improvement in sight to bring them down.

Saudi Arabia is holding us over a barrel and Biden has axed our own energy industry. This man is intentionally weakening America and it needs to stop.