#BareShelvesBiden Starts Trending on Social Media as Americans Scramble to Buy Necessities

We are one year into the Joe Biden presidency and the letdown couldn’t be worse. Everyone who voted for Biden is experiencing an awful political hangover.

They now see the political propaganda and feel-good words were empty shells that meant nothing.

Behind all the words and rhetoric was a truly terrible leader with a crew of incompetent individuals who can’t keep the country running or accomplish any of what they promised to do.

At the most basic level, this country needs to have a functioning economy and food on the shelves. Yet, even that is now in jeopardy, and Americans are not amused.

#BareShelvesBiden Trends Online

To express their anger, people across the country have started tweeting out #BareShelvesBiden, along with photos of their local grocery stores and the empty shelves.

From Seattle to Baltimore and everywhere in between, it’s a sad story of a logistic nightmare. As we reported, America is currently running low on potatoes and there are even some fast food places running out of french fries.

This is a very strange time; going in to buy bread and milk, only to find rows of emptied-out shelves, makes it all the more distressing.

Liberals defended the empty shelves in two ways. They responded to photos of the empty shelves across the country by saying people who don’t like Biden are selectively going to stores that haven’t had food trucks arrive for the day and tweeting out photos.

When this accusation turned out not to be true, liberals said some of these photos are just due to snowstorms that have occurred in several parts of the country.

How exactly does this explain the bare shelves all over Atlanta in the past couple of days, then? It doesn’t add up, unless you accept the fact there really are supply chain issues and economic problems going on, and they’re not just due to bad weather.

What Exactly is Going On?

At this point, we’re still working to get answers as to why shelves are bare. One thing that’s for sure is people who see these photos are going to scramble even more to buy necessities, which will fuel the issue even more.

At this point, all evidence points to a combination of reasons for the crisis, particularly hitting dairy, meat, and vegetable supply. The rising cost of fuel and ongoing issues caused by COVID appears to be the leading cause.

From California to Minnesota, it’s getting harder and harder for contractors to fulfill their end-of-supply contracts. Add in the fact that most grocery stores do JIT (Just-in-Time) stocking and you have all the ingredients for a real supply crisis.

When trucks and ships don’t arrive on time, shelves empty out very rapidly and that’s when you end up with these kinds of dramatic photos that we’re seeing.

The Bottom Line

Can you even imagine for a moment what would happen if we were seeing these kinds of issues under President Trump?

The mainstream media would be screaming bloody murder! However, since this is under Biden’s watch, we’re getting nothing but denials and soft-pedaling.