Ben Carson Reveals Horrifying Truth About Vaccine Mandates

Ben Carson ran for president in 2016, but later joined the Trump administration after failing to clinch the nomination. He’s a world-famous neurosurgeon who’s had a film made about his life and is a brilliant, freedom-loving American.

Carson had to put up with endless abuse during his run for president and while heading up Housing and Urban Development under President Trump. Liberals called him an Uncle Tom and the media constantly criticized and mocked Carson.

However, he’s never backed down on his principles; now Carson is back with a strong statement on vaccine mandates and where America is headed if it doesn’t reverse course.

Carson: Vaccine Mandates Are Anti-American

Speaking recently to Newsmax, Carson revealed his true thoughts on the COVID vaccine and vaccine passports. Despite being a medical doctor and one of the top surgeons in the world, Carson is horrified by the way the government is trying to force people to get the vaccine and believes it is anti-American.

As Carson noted, the entire idea of “mandates” could become “pretty terrible” down the road if we keep allowing these policies and mindsets to take over our country. Carson is a smart guy, and despite his soft-spoken way of talking, he has a lot to say.

He’s noticing the writing on the wall and is warning us all of just how bad things can get if we create a new system of segregation between vaccinated and unvaccinated. With the full power of government trying to force vaccination and control our lives in the pandemic, we’re in big trouble if we don’t stand up to it and continue to speak out loudly against it.

Carson Supports the COVID Vaccine, but not the Mandate

Carson said he considers the mRNA COVID vaccines to be “very good,” but he doesn’t want people to be forced to get them. He said he’s suspicious of people on either side of pro-or anti-vax who try to selectively present information just to sway people’s emotions.

When you ignore all the evidence on one side or another just to push a point of view, it makes people more suspicious, Carson said. He’s right, and the strange behavior of various state governments handing out lottery tickets and even payments to people who get the shot is highly bizarre.

The Bottom Line

Ben Carson may be a little too pro-vaccine for some readers, but even he realizes the danger of a vaccine mandate and vaccine passports. When you start separating Americans out according to their personal medical choices, you end up with a very slippery slope.

We already see what’s happening with vaccine passports in Europe, Canada, and Australia; so it’s on us to do our best to avoid that here in America. We can’t afford to let tyranny come to our shores disguised in a white medical coat.