Biden Admin Getting Sued for Anti-White Racism

Joe Biden by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Biden Administration lives in a bubble.

In the media it has leftist talk show hosts and comedians who support Democrats no matter what, and journalists who avoid asking the hard questions. 

On the economy it has analysts who are paid to be optimistic and talk up its crazy spending. 

Politically, its Democrat operatives now dominate every avenue of the government, and legal organizations like the transgender-extremist-supporting “American Civil Liberties Union” (ACLU) serve as the activist arm to enforce progressive extremism across the nation in the judicial system. 

But they’re not home free just yet: opposition still remains, including legal challenges. 

One of those is the America First Legal Foundation started by former top Trump aide Stephen Miller.

His group isn’t afraid to take the Biden Administration to court, and they’re now suing them for illegal actions against White Americans. 

Stephen miller june 2016 cropped corrected by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

See You in Court!

Miller revealed the lawsuit recently on Twitter. Specifically, the Biden Administration is being sued over racial prejudice in handing out COVID-19 relief to ranchers. 

Miller explained that his group is the antidote to the ACLU and will stand up against progressive overreach. The AF Legal Foundation is suing in Texas because President Biden prioritized COVID help to non-White farmers and ranchers under his American Rescue Act. 

“[In] the American Rescue Act, … they award farm aid for farmers who’ve been hurt by this pandemic based on skin color. That is fundamentally un-American … and when it comes to getting financial aid, it shouldn’t matter what race or ethnicity you are,” Miller said, adding that:

“You can’t make a more equal country, [and] you can’t make a more unified country if we split and divide based on race. That policy is illegal.”

Miller has it exactly correct here, and it’s time for Biden to face the music for his administration’s blatantly racist conduct. 

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Can Miller Win?

Biden’s $1.9 trillion price tag American Rescue Act passed in early March and earmarked $5 billion to Black ranchers and farmers specifically. 

“I would argue and my organization would argue that that violates federal nondiscrimination rules,” said.

The AF Legal Foundation’s lawsuit accuses the bill of being “patently unconstitutional” and was filed against Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack in the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas. 

In his lawsuit, Miller wants a complete ban on “implementing any racial exclusions or discriminatory racial preferences in Department of Agriculture programs,” and also requires the Biden Admin to pay lawyer fees for the lawsuit. 

In other words, this is about proving a point about making these leftist lunatics eat their words, not about winning money. 

More Lawsuits Against the Biden Brood

The AF Legal Foundation also recently filed another lawsuit against the Biden Administration to stop them from taking in unaccompanied minor migrant kids at the border and letting them into the country. 

“By releasing unvaccinated and potentially coronavirus-infected aliens en masse into the country — aliens who have been smuggled and housed in extremely unsanitary conditions — the Biden administration is sabotaging the public health of Texans and all Americans,” Miller noted.

The Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton is also co-filing the suit with AF Legal Foundation and seconded the disapproval of how Biden is behaving

Biden’s “outright disregard of the public health crisis in Texas by welcoming and encouraging mass gatherings of illegal aliens is hypocritical and dangerous. This reckless policy change stifles the reopening of the Texas economy at a time when businesses need it the most and when our children need to get back to in-person learning as soon as possible,” Paxton said.