Biden Announces Emergency Crisis

Joe Biden and his regime have taken America from a prosperous and free nation to a weak joke.

Our troops had the rug pulled out from under them in Afghanistan, our border is full of criminals, and our economy is approaching a cliff.

Now, Biden has an emergency announcement that will hit families and working people very hard. It’s incredible to think that in two years, we went from “Build Back Better” to this emergency announcement.

Pay close attention, because the following information could be vital to your family’s survival.

Biden: Expect Big Food Shortages Ahead

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine took place a month ago and is still ongoing. The war has basically reached a stalemate of back-and-forth fighting, with Russia gaining some ground, but not achieving their main objectives.

One of the consequences of this war has been rising gas prices. They were already high under Biden, but now they are tripling from the prices under President Trump. As for food and basic necessities, they’ve also gone way up in price.

It’s no exaggeration to say America is experiencing an inflation crisis. However,  that’s not the worst it’s going to get. This nation and the world is likely to experience a very “real” food shortage crisis in the coming months, due to Russia’s invasion, according to Biden.

Speaking at a meeting of foreign leaders recently in Brussels, Belgium, Biden said there are going to be serious shortages of food that we don’t currently realize.

This may be the one case where he’s not getting his words wrong, because what he’s saying is indeed very likely.

Burning the World’s Breadbasket

Ukraine is known as the world’s breadbasket for a reason.

It supplies wheat, barley, and vital agricultural products around the world. This war has been a disaster, destroying large areas and making farmers unable to harvest their crops in the middle of a war.

The consequence will be “real” and hurt many people, including families right here at home. In addition, another reason for empty shelves ahead is the heavy sanctions on Russia, which will affect “an awful lot” of other nations, according to Biden.

Russia is another of the world’s breadbaskets and a huge agricultural supplier. It’s cycle of harvest has also been severely disrupted. Once you cut into the wheat, barley, and basic grain supply, you start seeing problems pop up everywhere else, too.

Biden said he and Canadian leader Justin Trudeau are going to try to boost domestic production in North America; they also want to open up trade with the EU, but that’s no guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Remember the empty shelves during the “logistics” and supply chain crisis last year?

This is going to be that, but 50 times worse. Stockpile food and prepare. Hard days are ahead.