Biden Announces Huge Payday for Illegal Immigrants

The following report is not recommended for people who get angry easily. This news is enough to make even the calmest person lose their cool. This crosses the line in so many ways it’s impossible to even count all of them.

It all goes back to President Trump. Democrats are still obsessed with blaming him for all our problems and pretending he was some kind of monster who ruined our “civility.”

Trump took steps to actually protect our border: a zero tolerance policy for illegal immigration and construction of a border wall. Biden scrapped both on his first day in office; now, he’s moving to do something so outrageous it’s beyond belief, even for him.

Biden’s Big Bonanza Giveaway to Illegal Immigrants

News broke yesterday the Biden regime is currently in the process of negotiating $450,000 payouts to each illegal alien who was separated from their family at the border in 2018.

This policy was done at the border to ensure people didn’t try to flout our border laws and ensure dangerous human traffickers and rapists weren’t pretending to be the parents of children. It was done for safety and basic law and order.

Now, Biden wants to virtue signal by handing out half a million to every random person who tried to break our laws and had some inconvenience from it? It’s simply outrageous.

Many of the “families” who were separated were one parent and one kid; so this new policy will basically amount to $1 per family who got separated out. The amount my be smaller in some cases, but it’s clear the payout is going to be pretty sizeable if this goes forward.

Every day and in every way, Biden takes this country and drags it through the mud, dishonoring our laws, finances, government, and people.

How is This Possible?

By now, readers are likely wondering how something this outrageous is even possible. Essentially Homeland Security, Justice, and Health and Human Services are putting their heads together and deciding to do it.

At the urging of Biden and his clown administration, they want to virtue signal by paying the 940 families who’ve accused them of separation in order to seem humanitarian or something.

The families are saying their kids have deep psychological problems from being separated from mom or dad at the border, and fair enough: that’s hard. You know what’s also hard? Traveling for days through barren deserts to commit a crime and try to sneak past armed border guards to get into America.

Maybe these parents should have thought of that before traumatizing their kids and then blaming America for their decisions. As for Biden and his clown crew, they are totally out to lunch.

Have they ever been to the slums in Mexico or seen the horror of its drug war? I can assure you it’s far less “humanitarian” than being temporarily separated from your parent at the US border, as part of processing by professional and kind border guards.