Biden Causes Another Massive Foreign Policy Failure

Our border is melting down, Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan and inflation is spiking. You’d think that would be enough failure for one news cycle, but it gets worse.

Joe Biden has also now managed to ruin our relationship with key allies, thanks to the idiocy of his foreign policy decisions. Remember when they said Biden would bring America back and mend fences with our allies because President Trump was supposedly so toxic and divisive?

It’s actually looking like precisely the opposite is happening.

Biden Busting Up America’s Alliances

The latest screw-up from Biden happened due to a very insulting decision from Biden and his cronies. The problem surrounds something called the AUKUS agreement. This is an alliance between Australia, the UK and the US to do defense cooperation and technology sharing.

Most recently it was supposed to send nuclear submarines to Australia. Australia can certainly use them because it is being threatened by the looming shadow of communist China lurking around its waters.

However, there’s a big problem over the AUKUS deal: it left out one of our oldest friends and strategic partners – the nation of France.

France Pulls its Ambassador to the US

Despite the jokes you may hear, France has one of the best militaries in the world and its special forces are absolutely excellent in particular. France also has a top-notch Navy, including its underwater fleet.

Being left out of this deal has left them very angry and their foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian blames Biden for the misstep. Le Drian even called the decision “brutal” and stupid. Then, he pulled France’s ambassador to the US out of Washington.

It’s also about money, since Australia getting the new deal means it will cancel a previous nuclear sub deal with France. Explaining the decision further, France said there is no “coherence” to leaving France out of the nuclear sub deal and it shows a complete lack of “respect.”

That’s Biden for you. Imagine now how the American people have been feeling as they deal with his lack of respect and coherence. It’s hard to blame France for yanking out their diplomatic staff.

The Biden Regime Responds

Biden and his brood responded in the way you would imagine: with a word salad that means absolutely nothing. Secretary of State and running joke Antony Blinken dodged a question about this.

Instead, he said France and the US have “many” things which still remain “shared priorities.” Press secretary Jen “Circle Back” Psaki said the France-US “partnership” is still very strong.

Just a note, but generally “very strong” alliances don’t result in pulling out your ambassador and openly calling your partner disrespectful and incoherent. The Biden regime is an utter disgrace.