Biden Completely Fails to Take Any Real Action Against Putin

For years, we couldn’t hear enough from the media about how President Trump was supposedly working with Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin. The left repeated it endlessly, and the liberal media called him a traitor without pause.

Even when this was all exposed as lies, our country became even more split apart…because the truth is closer to the opposite. Trump was unpredictable, tough, and decisive: Putin’s nightmare.

Joe Biden in the White House was the opposite: a golden opportunity for Putin to take action and invade, which he did on Feb. 24 in Ukraine.

Now, Biden’s true weakness is clear; it’s a tragedy for the Ukrainian people and for all Americans who voted for this old man.

Where are the Tough Sanctions, Joe?

Biden came into office, claiming he’s the only leader who ever went “toe-to-toe” with Putin. What he seemed to mean is he sipped a few cocktails with him at international conferences somewhere.

Now that things have become truly horrific, Biden’s only response has been to go on about sanctions. First, he blocked transactions between the breakaway regions of Ukraine recognized by Russia, Luhansk, and Donetsk. Then, he hit Russia with a few more sanctions on its oligarchs.

Putin could care less, and his inner circle of elites is mainly protected from all of this. What makes it even worse is Biden isn’t taking nearly as strong action as he could.

While Germany, Italy, and other globalist countries refused to shut Russia out of the international financial system because they need its natural gas, Biden is also refusing to take real steps to cripple Putin.

He’s leaving alone their key exports of energy, aluminum, and valuable metals and allowing their economy to keep humming along.

The West Looks Weak

As Ukraine heroically defends its homeland, the West in Europe and America look pathetically weak and hypocritical. The British haven’t even taken away Putin’s friend’s mansions in London.

Russia’s energy sector is still going full guns and has Europe in a chokehold that it can’t escape. Gas prices went up sharply in the UK and EU when Russia invaded, but are now back down…the reason?

People quickly realized the EU and US weren’t serious about hurting Russia. Ukraine is being left on its own and given weapons, while Biden and his liberal buddies sit back and talk tough.

These people are not serious and they are not looking prepared for what happened in any way.¬†They claimed they knew for months about Putin’s plans, but this sanctions package is not the look of a country that was truly ready.

The Bottom Line

Biden is a dangerously incompetent leader. We can’t afford this kind of weakness and it’s shaming our country.