Biden Considering Making Vaccine Mandate for Flights Within the US

The announcement of Biden’s new vaccine mandate is bad for every American who loves freedom. It’s also going to drive a lot of businesses into the ground, as unvaxxed employees quit or face weekly testing.

Unfortunately, things are likely to get even worse. CDC head Rochelle Walensky admits that as boosters are rolled out, the vaccine requirements may be “updated.” Now, White House COVID chief Jeff Zients is saying that traveling by air inside the US may soon require full proof of vaccination.

Where Are Your Papers?

At this point, domestic flights do not require proof of vaccine. They do require masking, but at least your private medical decisions are left to you. However, Zients said that “measures” such as forcing airlines to check vaccine status are being considered by the Biden team.

As of now, Zients said “available levers” are in play to get the most people vaccinated, but more may be pulled in the future. It’s interesting how he talks about this in such a nerdy way as if it’s a game.

Forcing an entire country under the fist of medical fascism is not a game. In fact, it’s often the start of very dark times and genocides. Those who work for the Biden regime and enforce its unconstitutional policies may come to face the day when they appear in a court of law for their violations of our laws and rights.

They may be arrogant now, but their actions will not be forgotten.

Return to ‘Normal?’

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve heard all sorts of things about the supposed return to normal. As the goalposts are moved around and the statistics are massaged to scare people, we keep hearing that if we just submit then this nightmare will go away.

Just wear a mask, just stay home, just get vaccinated, just close your business, just do what Fauci and Biden say! Here’s the thing: The more that people submit, the more rules they face.

This iron grip on power will never relax; it will just keep squeezing them until they are faceless zombies with even fewer rights than when they started. As for those who don’t comply, they are being called on their bluff.

Will they really stand for liberty, or will they fold? This is not a complicated issue: liberals are testing how far they can push this and seeing what core group of patriots won’t bend no matter what. It’s this core group who they want to target and remove from the country and from economic life.

Why is All This Happening?

Those closest to Biden have exemptions from the vaccine mandate. As we have all seen many times, those at the top are often out in public not wearing masks. Those who tell you to be scared of COVID don’t seem very scared of COVID.

This isn’t about keeping us safe. It’s about taking all our rights, power, financial savings, and guns and reducing us into slaves. We must resist. Hold the line, patriots.