Biden Deserves Impeachment More Than Any President in History

The Democrats and RINOs tried to impeach President Trump twice. The first time was over a phone call where he talked to the leader of Ukraine and urged him to look into the corruption of the Biden family.

The second time was when Trump was impeached on accusations he “incited” an “insurrection” against the government because of the Jan. 6 Capitol protests. Trump was acquitted on both because he wasn’t guilty of any impeachable offense at all.

The leftist lies failed, thankfully. However, now we’re in an ironic position because Joe Biden actually has done something impeachable.

Biden’s Impeachable Offense

Biden has done endless bad things, from opening our border to stranding Americans with no exit plan in Afghanistan. Nevertheless, his impeachable offense comes from a phone call he had with former Afghan leader Ashraf Ghani.

It makes Trump’s call with Ukraine look like absolutely nothing. In Trump’s call, the former president wanted Ukraine to look into Biden’s corruption; Trump also mentioned US military aid to Ukraine during this call. Trump phrased it poorly, but this was not any kind of blackmail, “treason,” or whatever the left tried to call it.

On Biden’s phone call (weeks before the Taliban took over), Biden admitted he knew the Taliban was winning. He, therefore, told Ghani to start putting out different government announcements if he wanted to keep getting American air support.

In other words, Biden played politics with an active warzone.

Why Biden’s Threats to the Afghan President Matter

Biden’s threats to Ghani matter because when Ghani wouldn’t say he was losing the war, Biden stopped US fleet mechanics and others. This put the Afghan Air Force in an awful position.

They became unable to strike the Taliban effectively and lost huge areas of the country. Biden basically chopped one wing off the bird because he wanted Ghani to say that he was losing.

Ghani didn’t want to say that because it would hurt morale even more. So, Biden just grounded their Air Force and let the Taliban win as a middle finger to his ally. If this isn’t impeachable, what is?

Biden Needs to Be Impeached

Biden needs to be impeached as soon as possible for his actions leading to the deaths of our 13 service members and for stranding Americans in Afghanistan. He should be impeached for dangling US military aid as a condition of doing what he wants.

Biden played politics in the middle of an active warzone. He botched withdrawal and completely ruined the deal Trump made with the Taliban. By kneecapping Afghan forces in their darkest moment, Biden led directly to the Taliban takeover and showed his traitorous, leftist roots.

Biden let us all down and must be impeached. Biden is the worst president in American history.