Biden Dodges Blame for Afghanistan Bloodbath

Yesterday was a dark day for this nation and the worst single day of troop loss in a decade. Thirteen of our brave military members were brutally killed in a terrorist attack at Kabul airport, along with 90 Afghan civilians and hundreds more injured.

The terrorist group ISIS-K is being blamed for this attack. Back in America, Joe Biden held a press conference where he dodged blame, saying a “tough” day wouldn’t be helped by focusing on who’s to blame.

Biden’s Afghan Flip-Flopping

In an interview a week ago (with Democrat media plant George Stephanopoulos), Biden said he’s not to blame for what’s going on in Afghanistan and the thousands of Americans still trapped behind enemy lines.

In the press conference following the recent attack, Biden said even though he does now take “responsibility,” he also doesn’t. Biden claims this is all just him following through on the deal made by President Trump with the Taliban.

Biden is a liar and a traitor. When Peter Doocy of Fox News asked Biden to explain what is going on and his decisions, Biden bowed his head in despair and leaned on the podium. He looked like an old man who’s been told his favorite program is no longer on TV and just wants to go home.

Sorry, we’re making you sad, Joe, but Americans are dead right now. Therefore, we need a real commander-in-chief, not an excuse maker.

Biden Promises to Get Americans Out

Biden also said any American who “wishes” to get out of Afghanistan will be rescued. This idea that many Americans wish to stay in Afghanistan is something the Biden regime will encourage, since it absolves them of having to keep trying to rescue our citizens.

Biden blames Trump for everything that’s happening, but Trump’s withdrawal plan had deterrents and punishments if things went wrong. The rapid collapse of the Afghan government and Armed Forces is something that our intelligence community knew about and undoubtedly warned Biden about.

Biden’s failure to heed those warnings is on him. Blaming Trump for it now is a distinct lack of leadership. Now, 13 families will be told their heroes are never coming home.

Biden Says We Can Trust the Taliban

The terrorists who hit our troops and the civilians yesterday are against the Taliban. That’s true. However, the Taliban is still our enemy and at most, we need to tolerate them while getting our people out and then never talk to them again.

Biden says that while the Taliban are “not good guys,” they are still more or less upholding their end of the withdrawal deal. Yet, when half of your deal depends on a terrorist group you’re in big trouble. I think we can’t trust Joe Biden.