Biden Family Treason Fully Exposed

Joe Biden should never have even been allowed to run for president. The connections between his family and shady governments around the world have already been clear for years now.

This is particularly true of Biden’s son, Hunter. The actions of Hunter regarding his drug use and time with escorts are one thing.

It is particularly awful if it turns out to be true that Hunter used underage prostitutes or was involved with his young cousin.

Though of even worse consequence for the United States is Hunter’s ties and deals with various criminal governments around the world. The receipts are in and they are very damning.

Hunter’s Treason

Here’s the simple truth: the Biden family is rotten to the core.

Both Hunter and his brother, James Biden, made many sweetheart deals with companies in China that run on behalf of the genocidal Chinese Communist Party.

They also went around the world, shaking hands with some of the worst people on the planet, promising them favors in return.

When Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson looked into Hunter’s laptop and the things he and James had been up to in 2020, they were sickened and alarmed. The corporate media ignored them, of course, but those concerns haven’t gone away.

If anything, worries about who Hunter is linked to, and how the Biden family may be compromised, are only growing as tensions get worse with China and the war in Ukraine rages on.

Back when Hunter’s laptop started to make headlines, the story from the New York Post was banned from sharing on social media; many top spies also came out and said it was a Russian spy operation.

Actually, it was news. 

Specific Allegations

In particular, the Biden family got very involved in a Chinese energy firm whose money was actually linked to one of China’s top spy agencies.

The company, called CEFC, gave Hunter millions of bucks to be an advisor to Patrick Chi-Ping, a top Chinese spy.

In return for being a go-between for Chi-Ping and Western businesses, Hunter’s company, Owasco, got a lot of money.

Chi-Ping got arrested for his corruption and money laundering, and Hunter’s legal services turned out to not be of much use.

However, his brother James was also feeding at the trough as it turns out. Chi-Ping was far from the only communist fat cat with links to the Bidens.

Chinese oligarchs and millions of dollars funneling through Owasco to the brothers of a man who is now POTUS? It sounds like a bad movie script, but it’s actually reality!

What makes it even stupider and more dangerous is our own media intentionally covered up this bombshell story to get rid of President Trump.

Enough is Enough

It’s time for a full federal investigation of Hunter Biden and the Biden family. This corruption needs to be fully uncovered and stopped.