Biden Forces Trans Ideology on Kids

The Biden regime has shown its far-left radicalism every step of the way. It started with the war on American energy, the betrayal of our troops in Afghanistan, and the refusal to defend our border.

Though it’s gotten even worse. This is especially true in terms of cultural and social issues, where Biden and his crew of progressives have made it clear they have no limit to how far they will go in supporting the extreme left.

This is especially true and disturbing on the childhood transgenderism issue. Many parents want a say in whether their young kids try to switch genders, but Biden says they should have the absolute right to do so.

Now, he’s pushing trans kids ideology the only way he knows how: by outright bullying and force.

No Trans Teaching? No Lunch Money

Biden said money given to school lunch programs will be pulled if schools try to keep trans kids out of the bathroom they identify with. The translation here is this: you have to let little boys and teens use the girl’s restroom if they want to and vice versa.

It’s not only bathrooms, either. Trans kids must have the right to use the showers and lockers they choose, as well as where to sleep with the boys or girls on field trips.

If not, your school will simply have way less money to make lunches for kids and subsidize the lunches of poorer kids who can’t afford it. In other words, fall in line or get left behind.

This truly sounds like a parody or something out of a bizarre comedy movie, but it’s real life in Joe Biden’s America in 2022.

What makes this even more ironic and disgusting is bullies stereotypically steal the lunch money of their victims.

The Biden regime is literally stealing the lunch money of young poor kids in order to force every corner of this country to accept that young kids can decide to “change” their gender.

Isn’t This a Violation of Various Laws?

Yes, yes it is.

Like many things Biden has done, this is a slap in the face to law-abiding Americans and a major infringement of various laws, including religious liberty laws.

At the same time, terms like male and female are now being redefined legally in ways that make it much harder to argue these kinds of cases in court.

Nonetheless, leading conservatives like South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem say they will be suing the pants off Biden if he finalizes plans to go ahead with this action.

As she said, Biden has no right to use Americans as “hostages” and force his agenda on poor kids. She also said trying to force school sports to allow boys to compete in girls’ sports will continue to be illegal in South Dakota.