Biden Goes Berserk, Starts Cursing Out Reporter After Getting Caught Lying

Joe Biden isn’t just an old man with memory loss who never takes responsibility. He also has a very bad temper. This has been overlooked by some people who failed to notice when he gets angry, Biden turns into a complete, babbling psychopath.

He’s basically a man-child who can’t stand anyone who disagrees with him. The latest example comes from a press conference where Biden went berserk on a conservative reporter for asking a very normal question.

Instead of just telling the truth, Biden shouted at him like a maniac and almost started crying.

Reporter Shouted at for Stating Facts

These days, stating a fact is basically a crime. Whether it’s COVID, immigration, or Afghanistan, conservatives are getting yelled at and punished for caring about facts.

A day after Biden said the Wall Street Journal was lying (and illegals who were separated at the border won’t get up to $450,000 cash), his own White House came out and said he was wrong. Illegals most certainly will be getting paid.

Now, at the press conference, a reporter asked Biden about why he lied and said they won’t get the money. Instead of answering, Biden just went into a creepy low-voiced ramble.

Then, Biden then started going insane, pointing his finger and shouting as loudly as he could about how people who “lost” their children must be compensated.

Why Did Biden Get So Angry?

This guy looks like a raving psychopath. The reporter was simply asking Biden to correct the record and let people know why he said illegal immigrants won’t get the money. Was Biden disagreeing on the amount?

Biden appeared to say yes; then, he just started shouting like a spoiled brat about how sad it is illegals had issues at the border. Well, you know what? It is sad!

What’s even sadder is the policy was started under Obama and Biden; now, Biden is letting our country be invaded. He’s allowing parents to victimize their own kids and drag them through the desert with drug dealers to try to break the laws of the United States.

Here’s the Thing

We all know the Biden regime has been the worst thing for America in decades, possibly even among the worst things in our history.

The economy is sinking, our troops are being shamed; woke nonsense is taking over our schools and COVID fascism is creeping into every corner of our lives.

For that reason, it’s easy to see Biden as uniquely deranged and psychopathic. However, the truth of the matter – as every conservative knows – is many people on the far left are exactly like this.

When confronted by someone who simply questions them or doesn’t agree, leftists go absolutely berserk, even sometimes becoming physically violent.

Let me be clear: the far left is dangerous, deranged, anti-American, and treasonous. Real America is completely done with their insane games.