Biden Goes on an Angry Rant, Stunning Observers

Every now and then, Joe Biden’s real self emerges.

His real self is an angry and senile old man. The media did their best to cover for his memory loss and speech problems, but his temper isn’t something they’ve been able to hide forever.

Biden’s latest childish outburst had people shocked. Far from being a strong and steady “presidential” type of guy who is leading this nation through crises, Biden is now showing his true face: immature, enraged, self-pitying, and incompetent.

His outburst came as he spoke about the inflation that’s hitting us so hard at the pumps, in the grocery store, and in the prices of our products and everyday lives.

Biden did not react well when he was asked about it, stunning onlookers.

Biden Finds Somebody New to Blame

While speaking at a big Democrat get-together in Philadelphia recently, Biden talked about what a good job he’s doing. Biden discussed how bad things are, but how he and the left are the ones who can fix it.

With the war in Ukraine raging on, Biden has at least succeeded in putting some harsh sanctions on Russia. However, his words in Philly wandered straight into a very awkward place of him basically blaming the American people for inflation and high prices.

“I’m sick of it!” Biden shouted, saying his big spending and policies have nothing to do with inflation and he’s tired of right-wing propaganda claiming they do. Poor guy!

Speaking about the upcoming midterm elections, Biden said they will be the most important midterms in “US history.”

If Democrats lose the House and Senate, Biden’s power will be essentially gone, and all he’ll have remaining is his “veto pen,” Biden said angrily.

Who’s Really to Blame?

Biden says the real one to blame is Vladimir Putin. He caused the inflation and gas prices we’re experiencing. Americans who are upset are also to blame for trying to make this political.

However, if you take a little look at reality, you can see gas prices and inflation have already been shooting to the moon over the past year, long before Putin ever invaded Ukraine.

Does Biden really expect us to buy the fiction that he’s trying to sell?

He’s completely dodging responsibility for his own decisions, including axing the Keystone XL pipeline on day one in office and pursuing a firmly anti-energy, anti-American administration from day one.

There are no two ways to say it: that’s on Joe Biden and his regime, not Vladimir Putin or conservatives.

The Bottom Line

Biden’s anti-energy policies and high spending have brought us to this current economic crisis. Putin’s invasion made it worse, but blaming it on him is an attempt by Biden to dodge responsibility.

Come November, every pro-Biden Democrat needs to be sent home.