Biden Has a Plan to Make Gas Prices Even Worse and Empty Your Wallet

Thinking back to just one year ago; it’s absolutely horrible how much gas prices have gone up. Our country is under economic attack, due to the big government, socialist policies of Joe Biden and his regime.

Build Back Better? More like wreck America to serve the globalists.

It’s not just that Biden is against the energy industry and obsessed with his Green New Deal agenda. It’s also that he’s put people in charge of every area of American life and the economy who hate capitalism, hate fossil fuel, and hate prosperity.

These people have worked to rapidly undo all the progress made by President Trump. It started with Biden nixing the Keystone XL pipeline on Day 1, but that’s now getting much worse by the day.

Biden’s latest plan will have most Americans barely able to pay for driving even short distances.

Biden’s Latest Anti-Energy Plan

Biden is moving to stop all oil and gas exploration near the Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, which is a very important area for drilling. He’s doing it because he says the chasm means so much to local Native Americans.

This 30,000-acre property is only one of many places where Biden put a block on oil and gas exploration; this comes as he pursues his anti-energy agenda and gets our country hooked back on dirty oil from Middle Eastern dictatorships.

Cutting out energy exploration in New Mexico is far from the end of it. Biden is giving approval to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, thus giving Putin and Russia a boost.

He’s also going to block the Michigan Line 5 pipeline under the excuse it hurts the environment.

Line 5 is absolutely vital to Michigan. Shutting it down will just do even more to punish and harm working families.

Sadly, this is the whole point of forcing everyone to become a government slave without a job or a way to transport themselves.

The Crisis is Real

Liberals are now trying to tell us inflation is no big deal and could actually be good. Meanwhile, Americans are emptying out their bank accounts, trying to keep food on the table.

It’s crucial to mention this crisis is very much real and it’s not just gas prices. Consumer costs have gone up 6% between October 2020 and October 2021; also, we’ve seen huge increases across the board.

The Biden big spending idea hasn’t improved anything. Meanwhile, the supply chain crisis has shown the horrible malice of this administration.

This White House has been more concerned with firing unvaccinated people than with keeping our economy alive.

Why is All This Happening?

Many conservatives may be wondering why all this is happening. It’s easy to say it’s incompetence or liberal hypocrisy, but it’s more than that.

Biden and his regime want to crash our economy and our way of life in order to force in a new system where everyone is dependent on the government.

Once a centralized digital ID system is put in and vaccines are fully mandated, the new system will be fully in place. Eventually, carbon taxes and high prices will prevent the freedom to drive where you want.

Get ready. Tough times are ahead.