Biden Has a Very Bad Idea That Will Tank the Economy Even More

Joe Biden’s big spending has given us the worst inflation in half a century. He came into office promising to end COVID, patch things up with foreign allies, bring America together, and get our economy moving.

Over one year into this nightmare and we can see it’s the exact opposite: COVID is worse than ever; war is about to break out in Europe, restrictions and big spending are killing our economy, and the nation has never been more disunited.

If we had a leader who cared about our country in office, this would be an emergency situation. Instead, we have Joe Biden. His next step to turn things around has even many Democrats shaking their heads.

Biden’s Big Bonanza

Biden really has only one button: spend. You press it and money comes out in flowing rivers. That money isn’t just paper printed up at the Federal Reserve; it’s ultimately money that he’s snaking out of the pockets of the American people.

The price of this massive money printing festival and spending spree is runaway inflation and a crashing currency.

Biden is pressuring Congress to put through his $2 trillion Build Back Better agenda, saying it will “lower costs” for families. This is again upside down, since these high-dollar socialist bills are the reason families are suffering so much.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is up more than 6.2% in the past year, with energy, gas, and food prices skyrocketing. Biden wants us to think subsidized daycare and care for older folks in the Build Back Better bill will take the pressure off.

Though, it’s a shell game; the main part of the bill is big government, socialist-style spending in pursuit of a Green New Deal. In the same way, the infrastructure bill was a disguised Democrat donor giveaway, this bill is a Trojan Horse fraud.

That’s why people like Democrat Senator Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema stood up and said no to it…and that’s why Biden still keeps pushing it.

Biden’s Empty Bragging

Biden claims a number of leading economists agree Build Back Better will actually decrease inflation without raising taxes. The thing here is that why would you trust an arsonist when he tries to sell you fire insurance?

The guy behind the worst inflation in forty years is here telling us all how spending just a few trillion more will be what saves us? I don’t think so…

As Manchin has said, enacting so much new spending and following a big government ideology is just going to devalue people’s savings even more. The fact of the matter is we already passed Biden’s fake $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

Now is not the time to push through another $2 trillion in spending and make things even worse!