Biden Abandoned an American Hostage in Afghanistan

In the summer of 2021, Biden pulled all US troops out of Afghanistan.

Despite two decades of war and hard-won gains in pushing back the extremist Taliban organization, Biden threw it all in the dirt and just left.

Of course, President Trump promised to leave as well. The difference is that Trump had consequences for a huge crackdown if the Taliban tried to have a comeback.

Biden had nothing but words. Despite being previously warned that Afghanistan wasn’t ready for a power vacuum, Biden pulled the plug.

In just three days, the Afghanistan government fell and the Taliban took back over.

Thousands of American civilians were left behind, in addition to the 13 brave troops we lost at Kabul airport. Fortunately, many Americans managed to eventually get out of the country, no thanks to Biden or his incompetent State Department.

However, many more have been left behind in the Taliban’s hands. One who did not get out is aid worker Mark Frerichs from Illinois, who has been held by the Taliban since Spring 2020.

This is Biden’s Fault

Frerich’s family is asking Biden and his crew of criminals to do more to get Frerichs home. As they pointed out in a recent statement, Biden already had the option to get Frerichs out for over a year.

Frerichs, 59, is a US Navy vet who became an aid worker. He was kidnapped by the Taliban in early 2020, and since that time, they’ve been holding him.

They sent a recent proof of life video late last year, which has prompted the Frerichs family to demand why Biden isn’t doing something. However, the frustration five months later is starting to boil over.

In fact, the Taliban have wanted to trade Frerich for one of their fighters for “more than a year,” as Frerich’s sister Charlene Cakora pointed out.

The White House has done nothing to actually help, Cakora said. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since leaving veterans and Americans in the dirt is what Biden and his disgraceful administration do best.

As Cakora said in her family’s recent appeal to Biden, “statements are not enough.” The Frerichs family is absolutely right. America shares her frustration with Biden’s word-heavy and action-light administration.

Where is Frerichs Now?

At this time, Frerichs is specifically believed to be near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area controlled by the Haqqani organization, a terrorist group that dominates in that area on behalf of the Taliban.

The November 2021 proof of life video shows Frerichs asking the Taliban to let him go so he can be reunited with his loved ones.

Frerichs is one of many Americans who are still being held hostage by the Taliban since Biden’s pullout. Biden said they must let him go if they want to be recognized as Afghanistan’s lawful government.

Recently, Biden did manage to get another American aid worker called Anees Khalil released from Afghanistan along with his brother Safi Raouf.

When is it Frerichs’ turn?