Biden Issues Deranged New Attack on Conservatives

From the day he got into office, Joe Biden has been like Obama on steroids.

He’s shown very clearly that he has no respect for our Constitution, gun rights, liberty, or basic rights. He kneecapped our energy industry, humiliated and betrayed us abroad, and left America weakened and lost from his terrible leadership.

Now, as our economy spins out of control with inflation from his monstrous spending and as the midterms approach, Biden has cranked up his attacks on conservatives.

He’s going all out with his new accusations and hoping more soccer moms and naive suburban voters will buy into the nonsense he’s peddling.

Biden Says Trump Supporters Are Fascists

Speaking at a Democrat Party fundraiser in the liberal DC suburb of Bethesda, Maryland, Biden opened up on conservatives, saying “MAGA” supporters are wrecking the entire country.

According to Biden, the 70 million voters who went to bat for Trump are nothing more than “semi-fascists” and they need to be called out for their support of the MAGA movement.

Remember when Biden said “ultra MAGA” people were dangerous and evil and they needed to be called out? This is just an upgrade on that.

Except now, instead of trying to give average Trump supporters a way out by pretending to draw a line between regular and “ultra,” Biden is now just insanely calling them fascists.

What is Fascism?

Fascism is a word that leftists love to throw around; so did Soviet mass murderer Joseph Stalin. He called anyone who wasn’t a genocidal communist a “fascist” and used the term to justify their murder.

The modern “Antifa” movement arises from this same movement that labels anyone a fascist who is not a leftist.

The basic meaning of fascism is the combination of all military, corporate, and government power in one united dictatorial regime. It was a philosophy developed by Italian leader Benito Mussolini in the 1930s.

As we can see from a quick look around, the Democrat Party embodies many aspects of fascism. They have cracked down on free speech rights, censoring speech online, and even hiding the Hunter Biden laptop story to hand the election to Biden.

They infiltrated our education and military with their woke ideology, trying to tear apart families and make everyone loyal to the state.

They forced lockdowns and vaccines on people under a mantle of lies, gaslighting, and inciting violence against anyone who doesn’t support their globalist green dictatorship.

Tell me again, who’s the fascist?

Welcome to Clown World

In Democratic clown world, their party and the left stands for compassion, minorities, and common sense. In the real world, the rest of us inhabit, their ideas and policies are increasingly becoming a threat to the future of our entire civilization and safety.

Biden is getting desperate. Let’s flood these spineless toxic jellyfish off Capitol Hill in November.