Biden Issues Deranged Threat Against Democracy

Joe Biden is a failed president. Everything he promised on taking office has not happened; he is presiding over the worst economic and global situation since World War Two.

This man is legendary in all the wrong ways, a senile dotard with no grasp of national security, economics, or his own nation.

He literally hates half the country and considers them un-American. Want proof? Take a look at Philadelphia last month where he said MAGA “forces” threaten the “soul” of America.

Or take his Wednesday comments trying to rally the left-wing vote, when Biden went on a deranged threatening rant against conservatives.

What Did He Say This Time?

There’s a joke that’s been floating around the internet called “Dark Brandon.” It’s basically a portrayal of Joe Biden’s dark side.

Instead of being a jolly old man, he becomes threatening, even fascistic. Leftists think it’s funny because it’s so over-the-top and satirical.

The truth is it’s way too close to reality. In addition to suffering memory loss and motor skill problems, Biden clearly has a serious issue with anger.

Numerous reports have emerged of him getting extremely angry at people who don’t do what he says; he’s ranted and raved at his enemies many times.

Most recently, he was heard dropping f-bombs in Florida with the mayor of Ft. Myers, while on a trip to survey damage from Hurricane Ian.

Now, in this latest incident, Biden has said that conservatives are part of “dark forces” who have a deep “thirst” to take over America.

Who Are These ‘Dark Forces’?

Uncle Joe has made it crystal clear who he believes these “dark forces” are…

Here’s a look at some of what he’s also referred to them as:

  • “MAGA forces”
  • “Maggots”
  • “Ultra-MAGA”
  • “Semi-fascists”

Who does he mean, precisely? I think every reader here is smart enough to understand he means those who voted for and supports Donald Trump.

What Biden is doing is actually very clever and disturbing. It’s clearly been given to him by advisors and handlers. He’s employing a tactic that dictators and tyrants have used since the Stone Age to polarize populations and enforce compliance.

Taking a vague term and using it to label anyone he wants as an enemy. Are you “ultra-MAGA”? Am I? Is she?

Well, we all could be or none of us could be. It’s up to the Biden-Harris regime to decide who is; if you don’t do what they say and vote for them, you could end up in a camp.

Getting it yet?

Floating Signifier

By saying “dark forces” are against democracy and will try to steal the midterms, Biden is dropping a floating signifier. It can mean whatever he wants it to.

Deep down, he’s clearly telling Trump supporters he hates them and wants them to disappear. We hear the message he’s sending and we are not amused.