Biden Makes Huge Blunder, Tapping US Oil Reserves Instead of Fixing Energy Crisis

Joe Biden couldn’t be doing a worse job as president if he tried. Every time there’s news to report, it just gets worse.

Whether it’s the border, foreign policy, the economy, COVID, or woke ideology, Biden and his crime-mate Vice President Kamala Harris have taken this country on a wild ride to hell.

There’s no better example than the economy and inflation. Biden and Harris have devalued our currency and pumped endless money into Green New Deal nonsense.

This is hitting gas prices hard, since Biden also soured his connection with the Saudis and cracked down on many areas that were formerly open in the US for drilling.

Basically, he’s kneecapped our energy independence that President Trump maximized. Now, we’re suffering for it at the pumps and in every area of the economy.

So, instead of fixing the actual problem, Biden now says he will tap into our nation’s critical emergency oil supply.

Biden Wants to Break America

At this point, it’s hard to avoid the perception Biden wants to break America. Tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve shouldn’t be done just to give a temporary boost to gas prices.

We’re now around $3.40 per gallon and some places are even higher. What that means is we need to correct course on policy, not just empty out our nation’s critical supply of oil.

This is the biggest use of our strategic reserve in US history. It’s not something we should be doing lightly. Also, it hampers our ability to respond to other crises in the future if things get even worse or we don’t have access to oil.

The reserve was made in the mid-1970s when Middle Eastern countries were cutting down the supply of oil to us. It’s there to stabilize and lower oil prices and provide an emergency supply of energy.

Grabbing 50 million barrels out of our strategic reserve to cover for his own mistakes is a despicable failure of leadership from Biden and his regime.

Biden vs. the Energy Industry

As soon as he got in office, Biden went on a crusade against the energy industry. He cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline, busted up American oil production, and hit companies with all sorts of burdensome, stupid regulations.

His incompetence and malice against our energy sector is obvious from a mile away. Moreover, the deranged people who make up the Biden regime are just as bad or worse.

Now, Biden wants to empty out our emergency supplies to cover his own behind? This is actually outrageous and, as I wrote, it’s becoming increasingly hard to believe Joe Biden is on America’s side.

We need to be very cautious, here. Horrible policies combined with inflation and an emptying strategic reserve are a recipe for complete disaster.