Biden Plans to Run for a Second Term

Vice President Joseph Biden 3 by West Point The U.S. Military Academy is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

President Joe Biden reportedly thinks of himself as a two-term president according to his closest advisers. 

Those of us on the outside could be forgiven for thinking that Biden should focus on successfully climbing the stairs for now and remembering his wife’s name. 

But apparently he’s got plans to reup for another four years once this current four-year horror show is over. 

Biden’s closest aides say there’s “no reason to say that he won’t” and “we all assume he is, contrary to this sentiment that he’ll be a one-term president because of his own volition.”

Biden turns 79 this year and is already the most senior President in US history. By 2024 he would be 83. Is that really going to work?

Mensaje a medios de comunicación del Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto y del Vicepresidente de los Estados Unidos de América, Joseph Biden by Presidencia de la República Mexicana is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A Second Term? Seriously?

After only a couple of months in office, Biden is already creating multiple disasters. Let’s count the ways:

A southern border that’s become complete chaos with abandoned kids stuck in overcrowded “detention facilities” and no plan to actually improve the situation. 

A struggling economy that only managed to finally get some help and $1,400 checks once lawmakers were blackmailed into passing a massive $1.9 trillion pork bill full of Democrat handouts and blue state bailouts. 

A long list of woke executive orders pushing childhood transgenderism and crazy left-wing ideologies.

A disastrous foreign policy and reckless statements that’s already caused Russia to withdraw its ambassador to the US and is leading to the rapid growth of the communist police state known as China. 

And this guy wants a second term? 

While we’re still a couple of years out from the next set of primaries, it’s sounding like it’s definitely possible he’ll run. 

“There’s a lot to do before he even reaches the point where he has to make a final decision,” an inside adviser said. 

Still, the signs are there, and Senator Chris Coons of Delaware already said Biden will run again this past January. 

‘A Pivot Point in American History’

In further comments, Coons said Biden is aware of the importance of our current historical moment and he’s willing to rise to the occasion. 

“He knows that we are at the middle of an absolute turning point, a pivot point in American history, and he’s up for the challenge,” Coons stated. 

Furthermore, Biden’s sister Valerie Biden Owens said Biden definitely plans to run. 

“He’s transitional in that he’s bringing in all these young people and bringing [us] back again [so] we’re not a divided country. But sure. He’s going strong,” Owens said. 

Could Biden Win?

Unbelievably, at this point the answer is yes. With 55 percent overall approval from an average of current polling, Biden could take the White House again. 

Having said that, a lot can happen in two years, and Biden’s treatment of Trump supporters and demonization of anyone to the right of Drag Queen Story Hour has not left the country more “united” in any way. It’s done the opposite. 

Biden’s own party is split between the AOC and Bernie wing and the establishment donor wing and all he’s done is inflame racial issues and make it worse. Plus there’s VP Kamala Harris, a cunning strategist who clearly wants to run the show. 

“She is in the difficult position of wanting to run for president obviously but being a bit boxed out because of the whole question of whether or not Biden will run again. That could cause some friction down the line,” an unnamed Biden ally said. 

Didn’t it also cause some friction when Harris said she believed Biden was a rapist on the campaign trail? But I guess bygones are bygones and all that, right?