Biden Playing Games With Social Security As Anxiety Increases

Joe Biden has been ranting for months now about how Republicans supposedly want to take away Medicare and Social Security.

He spent his robotic State of the Union speech last week making these kinds of claims as well, scaring Americans to score political points.

Biden doesn’t mind playing around with programs Americans depend on in order to make them hate conservatives. As House Maj. Leader Steve Scalise put it, Biden’s “falsehoods” on this need to stop.

Others, like Senator Rick Scott of Florida, have also expressed a lot of frustration about Biden’s scaremongering and lies.

The Truth is the Opposite of What Biden Says

As Scalise said, the truth is the GOP actually wants to “strengthen” Social Security and put more of its money towards those who actually deserve it.

Tying Social Security to proof that you are looking for work or working is not “cutting” SS; it’s making it work and stopping freeloaders from worsening our inflation and economic situation.

The reason Senator Scott has also been dragged into this is Biden followed up his State of the Union tirade with a trip to Florida on Thursday.

He spoke at a college and said Scott’s plan to put logical constraints on SS makes it expire every five years and gives them an excuse to end it. Biden also mocked Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who has referred to SS as a “Ponzi” scam.

In its current form paying off millions who refuse to work, it clearly is. Facing that reality doesn’t mean you want to scrap SS entirely; it just means you want to clean up the corruption and rot.

Scott’s Plan

In 2022, Scott put out a plan to sunset every federal bill every five years so Congress could reconsider it and re-pass it.

This would also allow necessary changes to be made to fix issues with the legislation or problems. Biden saying this is a backdoor way to kill SS is just a conspiracy theory.

There have also been proposals in the 2023 GOP budget to raise the age of who qualifies for SS, but that’s not the same as slashing or cutting it the way Democrats are claiming.

Plus, there would be more available for rightfully qualified pensioners and people out of work if freeloaders were more effectively pushed away from feeding at the trough.

Relentless Propaganda

Biden and his regime are engaging in relentless propaganda. They claim to be the champion of working people and try to portray the GOP as heartless corporate sellouts.

Both parties are clearly corrupt and too full of donor money, but the idea that SS should just be boosted up and left full of scammers who don’t want to work for it makes zero sense.

For a guy who claims to be a straight shooter, Biden sure talks a lot of malarkey.